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Add travel sales to your product suite

Generate new revenue streams and deliver more value to your customers by tapping into our open Travel-as-a-Service Platform

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The easiest way to sell travel

Our open, cloud-based platform makes it easy for anyone to add the ability to sell travel through any software application.

For product development teams

We support a broad range of integration approaches. Whether you’re looking for a simple SSO integration, a componentized user interface you can white label, or open APIs you can use to build your own user experience from scratch, we have you covered.

  • Accelerate innovation with our open platform

    It can take years to build your own booking engine and negotiate supplier agreements. With Spotnana you can be ready to generate revenue in a few weeks.

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    Provide a seamless user experience

    Our APIs allow you to fully integrate travel booking and servicing into your desktop and mobile app experiences, including seamlessly integrated profiles, policies, and analytics.

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    Increase competitive advantage

    We are committed to providing access to the widest range of content and advanced travel features, and we drive continuous innovation that delivers additional value to our partners over time.

For sales and marketing teams

We help you get up to speed quickly with training for your internal teams, and we provide ongoing support for your customers through our implementation, customer success, sales, technical support, and travel operations teams.

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    Deliver a superior customer experience

    In addition to providing best-in-class travel technology, Spotnana ensures your customers have access to highly experienced travel agents using the same platform.

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    Pay as you go

    Our pricing model is incredibly simple – we charge based on the travel your customers actually book. With no integration fees or minimum commitments, it couldn’t be easier to get started.