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  • Modernize your travel management company

Modernize your travel management company

Leapfrog the competition with Spotnana’s revolutionary Travel-as-a-Service Platform

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Accelerate digital transformation

Spotnana helps you grow your travel management company by connecting you and your clients through a single cloud-based platform designed to accelerate innovation, increase operational efficiency, and deliver a new generation of traveler experiences.

For corporate travel agents

To attract new clients and win the war for agent talent, travel management companies need a digital platform that meets rising expectations for innovation and ease-of-use.

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    Deliver a superior client experience

    Provide your clients and your agents with modern booking tools that run on the same platform and use the same policies, profiles, trips, negotiated rates, preferred suppliers, unbiased global content, and more.

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    Access global content and provide global service

    Empower agents in any location to assist travelers anywhere in the world by providing universal access to traveler data and points of sale through a single, global platform.

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    Improve agent hiring and retention

    Attract and retain talent by replacing legacy agent booking tools with a modern agent desktop that automates mundane tasks and operates seamlessly across content from GDS, NDC, and low-cost-carrier channels.

For travel operations

In a business where scale provides significant advantages, corporate travel agencies must handle more transactions with fewer agents, improve unit economics, and find new sources of revenue.

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    Accelerate deployments

    Complete implementations in record time, simplify global rollouts by deploying a single instance of Spotnana across all client locations, and rapidly integrate HR, expense, and other systems, and other systems via open APIs.

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    Increase operational efficiency

    Grow your monthly transactions per agent, eliminate expensive mid-office quality control tools, accelerate deployments, and free your quality control and software development teams to focus on higher-value projects.

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    Unlock new revenue opportunities

    Build unique services on top of our platform, resell integrated products from our growing marketplace, and use our NDC connections to generate revenue from ticket upgrades, bundles, and sales of ancillary products.