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Improving operational efficiency

Eliminate and automate the manual tasks that consume time and erode your travel agency margins

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Reach a new level of performance

Focus your teams on high value work, and automate the rest. Spotnana increases the productivity of your agents, mid-office quality control team, deployment team, and developers, so you can afford to take on more clients and hire less.

Advanced agent desktop

Give your agents modern tools that help you attract new talent, quickly onboard new hires, and maximize the efficiency of travel veterans.

  • different flight bookings
    Universal booking

    Save time and reduce revenue leakage by booking all trips through a single platform that works across GDS, NDC, low-cost-carrier channels, and more.

  • agent desktop assignments
    Dynamic event queues

    Focus agent attention on the most time-sensitive tasks ranked by priority and enable agents to coordinate actions via comments and task assignments.

  • option to share link
    Link sharing

    Get on the same page with travelers instantly by sharing a link to specific travel search results.

  • Mid-office elimination

    Traditional approaches to the mid-office involve scripting and significant re-work. We have a better option.

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    Data instead of remarks

    Replace error-prone PNR comments with an extensible database that validates data on capture and supports real-time updates.

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    Automated quality control

    Eliminate the need for scripting and repurpose quality control resources by automating the transfer of accurate data to your back office system.

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Accelerated client onboarding

Get new accounts up and running in record time. Spotnana provides administrative tools that make it easy to populate negotiated rates, configure policies, integrate with other systems, and deploy across countries.

Rapid travel agency software development

Free your developers from the burden of plugging gaps in legacy systems or building core travel technology from scratch. Our cloud-based Travel-as-a-Service platform is open and extensible, enabling your engineers to focus on building value-added services and integrations.

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