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System of record

Accelerate innovation with a new data model for travel.

Break free from the past

For decades, the travel industry has struggled with closed systems that limit innovation and preserve the status quo. Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform provides an open, flexible System of Record designed to support the creation of a new generation of traveler experiences the world has never seen.

Extensible data model

Eliminate error-prone PNR comments with Spotnana’s extensible data model and technology for mid-office replacement. Benefit from a wealth of data on trips, profiles, policies, negotiated rates, and more all available in real-time to support booking, servicing, and analytics.

Automated commercials calculations

Eliminate tedious and time-consuming commercials calculations. Spotnana offers tools for configuring commercial tables, applying calculations to any transaction, and storing results in our System of Record.

Open APIs

Spotnana supports seamless integration with other systems as well as the development of new products and services by tapping into our extensive set of open APIs.

  • Integration with back-office systems
    Pass data from our System of Record into your back-office management systems simply and easily to support rapid and accurate reconciliation.
  • Integration with client systems
    Tie quickly into client HR and expense management systems using Spotnana’s open integration framework and pre-built integrations.
  • Integration with the travel ecosystem
    Offer your clients best-in-class products integrated with Spotnana for managing meetings, sustainability, rate shopping, and more.