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How Business Travel Websites Save Your Company Money

June 14, 2023
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

Many business travelers plan their trip using an online travel agency (OTA) or directly on an airline or hotel website. 

If your company’s employees currently book online however they want, though, it’s likely you’re overpaying for travel. Dedicated business travel websites offer a better alternative for companies. You can access easy-to-use tools to save money without restrictive contracts, costly subscription fees, or clunky apps that come with traditional corporate travel. 

Here are four ways business travel websites can save your company money. 

Access discounted rates and fares

When travelers book directly with suppliers or through OTAs, they have access to the same prices and travel inventory as the general public. 

Business travel websites instead give your employees access to discounted rates and fares, helping your company to save money across every trip.  

If you have preferred vendors — suppliers with which you’ve negotiated a discount for your company’s travelers — those can also be easily shopped and booked through a business travel website. Travelers who book negotiated rates that align with their company’s travel policy can save between 14% to 25% on travel costs, according to research from the Global Business Travel Association.

With Spotnana, your company’s travelers can choose from your company’s negotiated rates as well as Spotnana special discounts and loyalty rates. Search results prioritize the best and cheapest options for your travelers, all inside of your travel policy, making it easier to cut travel costs. 

Compare prices across vendors

Comparison shopping is key to finding the best price on business travel. 

Supplier-direct websites don’t allow travelers to evaluate prices and options from other vendors, limiting them to only the best prices among their offerings. 

OTAs promise the ability to compare options to find the best price, but bias search results to earn more commission fees from suppliers. The typical OTA commission is 25% for hotels — which not only excludes accommodation providers unable or unwilling to pay, but also drives prices up for consumers.  

With Spotnana, travelers gain access to unbiased global content for flights, hotels, car rentals, and rail. It’s easy to compare prices and options based on individual preferences, negotiated rates, and your company’s fare bundles. 

Plan trips faster and easier

Planning business trips can be time-consuming if you have to book flights, hotels, and rental cars separately on different sites. 

Using a business travel website can simplify the process to save your company time and money.

Travelers can book an entire trip in one place — from flights to hotels and rental cars — without having to visit multiple websites. Advanced search filters for price, location, brand, and more combined with an inventory of business-travel-friendly options make it easy to find the cheapest and best options. 

If your company has an established travel policy, business travel websites let you guide travelers to booking options that fit within company guidelines. Travelers don’t have to spend time trying to find a hotel or flight that fits within budget, and your company protects its bottom line. 

With Spotnana, travelers can easily search, book and manage all travel types via mobile or desktop. Our intuitive consumer-grade interface speeds up the booking process and lets travelers adjust their trips, giving time back to your travelers.

Make data-driven decisions

Companies that allow travelers to book wherever they want end up spending lots of time chasing down expenses and approving receipts. Travel becomes a black box that stymies finance and HR teams. 

Business travel websites shine a light on travel spending. They offer detailed analytics and reporting tools that allow company administrators to track travel expenses and identify areas where your company can save money. 

Travel data analysis allows you to improve travel policy, set better budgets, and negotiate special discounts with suppliers. You can make proactive adjustments to save your company money year-round, rather than trying to reconcile spending choices after they’ve already happened. 

With Spotnana’s real-time travel insights dashboard, you can instantly dig into traveler spend and behavior. Plus, with our dynamic policy engine, you can set rules for travelers based on company department, office, and more, as well as set rules based on trip type and supplier. This allows you to make the most of any negotiated vendor rates by encouraging travelers to book with those suppliers. 

To find out more about how Spotnana delivers a better business travel website experience that can save your company money, contact us for a demo