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Business Travel Policy Made Easy

April 05, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

There’s nothing that seasoned business travelers dislike more than a travel policy that doesn’t make sense for them.

Your corporate travel policy affects not just your company’s bottom line and sustainability, but the experience your travelers have on the road. When your top performers have their choice limited, their productivity plummets and they look for ways to book elsewhere, leading to them book outside of your program completely.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all travel policy. Different departments need different rules and guidelines. Each of your travelers is unique and needs something different to be productive and happy.

At Spotnana, we designed our platform to put travelers first.

Spotnana is built with an advanced but simple-to-use policy engine that lets you easily apply dynamic policies to the different offices, departments, and roles inside your company.

We give travelers the choice and freedom to book the perfect trip within the structure of a business travel policy that meets their needs.

Simple for your whole organization

Our robust policy engine works worldwide for all your travelers, allowing you to set rules and manage travel from one central dashboard.

Once your travelers have been loaded into Spotnana via your HR feed, it’s a matter of a few clicks to start setting up your policy for different groups and roles. All the information on your travelers’ department, cost centers, office, and more is set up and ready to go.

When Spotnana is deployed for all your global travelers, you are able to consolidate your policy choices and set rules by department, geography, or role. You can also use custom data fields and categories to power your policy.

You have the option to set booking rules on elements like price, cabin, type of hotel, and much more. You can also set different rules for types of trips like international or long-haul, so your travelers can book different cabins or hotel types when necessary. If a traveler selects an out of policy option, they will be shown the reason why their selection is not allowed under policy.

You can also set flexibility around certain elements of a trip, allowing travelers more choice based on the type of trip they’re booking. If an upgrade to business class on an international flight is only a few dollars more than an economy seat, for instance, Spotnana can automatically adjust your policy to allow the booking.

Since Spotnana offers the widest range of global inventory and content, your travelers can be assured that they have access to the options they need without having to look elsewhere. Even if a traveler is limited from booking certain options, they can view all available options to ensure they have access to all available pricing information.

A series of screens of the Spotnana site featuring the dashboard for setting business travel policy.

Spotnana makes it easy to set policy rules by type of travel, offices, departments, and more.

You can allow different traveler groups to have no policy or use a soft approval; requiring a hard approval from an administrator for a trip is coming soon. Spotnana gives you the flexibility to serve your different stakeholders as necessary and empower them to make the right decision for themselves within the structure of your policy.

With our global platform and robust suite of analytics, you have instant access to information and insights from your travel program. You can check if your travelers are booking the routes and hotels for which you have negotiated rates and tweak your policy to encourage them to do so.

To find out more about how Spotnana makes setting and enforcing your travel policy easy, contact us for a demo.