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Local languages and invoicing simplify global travel

February 08, 2024
By Sheryl Neutuch
Categories Travel Management

One of Spotnana’s core values is to build globally, serve locally. We embrace a global mindset and celebrate diversity as we serve customers around the world. As a result, Spotnana is deeply committed to meeting the needs of our global customers and delivering the most advanced technology for managing global travel programs.

Solving for global travel comes with tremendous complexity. Spotnana was built to remove that complexity by providing a cloud-based travel platform that can be quickly deployed to travelers worldwide. 

A big advantage of our architecture is that there’s no need to set up a separate instance of Spotnana for each country where you have travelers. We deploy a single global instance of our software for all locations. This greatly simplifies travel management by enabling legal entities, users, policies, suppliers, and other program elements to be managed through a single dashboard. 

Today, we are excited to share that we have expanded our global offering by adding new languages to Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform and support for global invoicing.  

Build global, speak local

Companies that have a global presence with offices and employees around the world use Spotnana to book and manage trips across multiple continents.  To meet the needs of travelers across the globe and speak to them in their language, we have added support for nine languages: English (US), English (AU), English (CA), English (UK), Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German.

Travelers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific can now access our user interface in the language of their preference – making the online travel booking experience more accessible, relevant, and convenient. 

With just a few simple steps, travelers can easily select their preferred language within the platform and enjoy a more personalized booking experience. From their initial search through checkout, the entire experience will be in the travelers selected language.  

Spotnana's user interface for selecting languages.

Travelers can select their preferred language within Spotnana’s Online Booking Tool

Build global, invoice local

In addition to providing travelers with a localized user interface, we support the ability for travelers to access invoices for all their travel bookings in their local currency.  

Invoices provide proof of transaction,  showing what, when, how, and for how much travel was purchased. They help individuals and businesses organize their financial records, making it easier to track expenses and tax-related information. 

Travelers can easily access their invoices within Spotnana’s user interface. Invoices are generated for new bookings, exchanges, canceled bookings, and voided bookings, and they specify value-added tax (VAT) amounts when applicable. This is essential to travelers when claiming VAT refunds.

The infrastructure and the groundwork Spotnana has laid to support an internationalized travel platform and global invoicing is absolutely essential for supporting global travel programs and allows us to rapidly scale our ability to serve companies and their travelers around the world. 

To learn more, reach out for a demo of Spotnana today.