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Travel services

We operate as your travel management company (TMC) providing 24/7 service via experienced travel agents.

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Exceptional service powered by modern technology

Spotnana travel agents use the same platform as your travelers to deliver a new level of personalized corporate travel service.
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    Integrated Agent Desktop

    Experience fast issue resolution delivered by expert agents who use our platform to prioritize and assign service requests.
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    Real-time traveler data

    Streamline requests by interacting with agents who can quickly access traveler profiles, policies, trip history, and more.
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    Comprehensive trip activity

    Avoid repetitive requests - our agents have access to a complete trip activity log including comments from other agents.
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24/7 assistance on any channel

Avoid long wait times – the experienced agents at our travel management company are available 24/7, and we maintain staffing levels to respond quickly via chat, phone, or email.

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Seat 1A program for VIP travelers

Provide personalized, proactive, white-glove service to your executives. Our optional Seat 1A program includes:

  • Booking for private jets, yachts, villas, and other VIP needs
  • Proactive trip quality checks and prioritized assistance during disruptions
  • Securing access to upgrades and amenities that enhance travel experiences, where available

Modern travel management company

Experience efficient, personalized, and consistent global travel services

  • Experienced travel agents

    Reach agents with years of travel experience on the first try without having to go through inexperienced front line staff.
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  • Seamless global service

    Benefit from consistent service delivered by travel agents who can service any traveler in the world from any location.
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  • Unlimited support with simple pricing

    When a traveler is in need, our agents are there to help 24/7. We charge one single fee for unlimited trip support.
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