Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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Redefining and elevating membership travel

  • 2 weeks to deploy

Everyday Entrepreneur (EE) is the world’s first workplace concierge. The Chicago-based business has over 650 customers across five continents, counting Fortune 500 executives, NYT bestselling authors, and top-tier universities as corporate clients, while cutting-edge entrepreneurs, creatives, and military leaders comprise its diverse membership base.

Many organizations, including Everyday Entrepreneur, have found that elite travel status no longer provides travelers with what they need to be successful in today’s travel environment. Travelers are not protected from delays, long customer support wait times, or flight cancellations and are tied to one airline when it comes to rebooking itineraries that will inevitably change.

To truly support the global travel needs of their client base, Everyday Entrepreneur required an enterprise travel tool that could provide reliable customer support globally. Everyday Entrepreneur found that existing solutions either subjected them to long support times and steep annual fees or wouldn’t work across international markets until they came across Spotnana.

Cornelius McGrath, the founder of Everyday Entrepreneur, now uses Spotnana to provide an incredible travel experience for clients and to build trust quickly with its newest customers.

“Spotnana provides a whole new level of confidence and swagger to my community and me,” said McGrath. “Travel is something everybody does every day. And so, if we at Everyday Entrepreneur can improve your travel experience, something so fundamental to our existence as human beings, it impels our members to explore the bigger question: what other parts of your life can we help you elevate?”

Empowering via integration, customization, and real-time help

Deployment is effortless with Spotnana, with seamless integration and member authentication. “We were deployed in two weeks, and the launch went off without a hitch,” said McGrath. “Every member is authenticated through a single sign-on (SSO), directly connected to the membership platform we use to manage subscriptions. Members download the Spotnana app, type in their Everyday Entrepreneur email login, and they’re good to go.”

The Spotnana profile allows for the personal customization of the most critical aspects of the travel experience, such as dietary restrictions, seat preferences and preferred airline alliances, providing Everyday Entrepreneur’s members with the ability to personalize their trip based on their unique preferences. 

“Having the ability to choose what type of seat you want based on flight length or your preferred alliance is amazing,” said McGrath. “But my favorite part of Spotnana is the loyalty page. I adore it. Never being asked for a credit card or a loyalty number when booking a trip is life-changing.”

Spotnana is also equipped to respond to the travel experiences of Everyday Entrepreneur members in real time. Our agents quickly help when things change and find solutions that get travelers where they need to be. We provide 24/7 support, 365 days a year, via text, email, and phone.

“Just two weeks ago, an airline made a last-minute change to an itinerary for one of our members who was en route to Spain. The flight went from being direct to having three separate layovers,” said McGrath. “Our member called Spotnana, and an agent managed to book them on a direct flight leaving just two hours later from the same airport. It was incredible.”

A foundation of trust launching inventive experiences

McGrath believes Spotnana can be not only the preferred travel solution for Everyday Entrepreneur’s members but also the busiest executives and frequent fliers he knows.

“There’s not a day that goes by where I open LinkedIn or Instagram and see that one of my friends or contacts that flies has been delayed,” said McGrath. “I’d like to get the biggest travelers in my world onto the platform. It’ll make such a difference to their lives.”

Spotnana is so effective that it frees up Everyday Entrepreneur to focus on providing an amazing experience to their clients instead of spending time navigating travel. “I want to bring new businesses onto the platform,” said McGrath. “As we start to host cutting-edge experiences for organizations worldwide, I want them using Spotnana like we do to get to and from their physical meetings.”

As Everyday Entrepreneur continues to elevate and innovate the travel experience for its diverse client base, they will have the support of a Spotnana platform they can trust and count on.