Spotnana powers Expensify’s new travel offering
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Partner success model

Spotnana provides comprehensive support to help our partners succeed.

Achieving tight strategic alignment

We believe in the value of building a strong foundation.

  • Executive alignment – We understand your goals and resources, align on commercials, and determine how we can best serve you as a partner.
  • Product workshop – Through an intensive workshop we ensure we answer all your integration questions and identify any product gaps we need to address.

Delivering a seamless integration

We guide you through the process of implementing our platform.

  • Program management

    Spotnana assigns a program manager to serve as a single point of contact for questions and support your deployment.
  • Technical assistance

    We provide you with staging and production sites and support you throughout the testing process.

Supporting a flawless launch

Spotnana trains every part of your organization to ensure you’re ready to drive revenue. Key focal areas include:

  • Sales enablement – we train your sellers on travel fundamentals and the specific, unique capabilities of our platform and your deployment.
  • Customer success enablement – we teach your teams how to manage deployments and communicate best practices.
  • Agent onboarding – whether we provide the travel agents or you staff your own team, we ensure agents are trained to and ready to serve your customers.

Providing ongoing support and assistance

Spotnana offers far more than API documentation and a support line. We help our partners achieve their goals over the long term. Key investments include:

  • Customer success – we assign a Customer Success Manager to oversee our relationship, keep you up to date on our roadmap, and address any issues that may arise.
  • Technical support – we provide a Level 2 support line that operates as a resource and escalation point for your support teams.
  • Ongoing enablement – we help your teams stay current with our rapid delivery of new product capabilities.

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