Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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Travel cost savings

Ensure your travel budget never goes to waste

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Get the highest possible return on your travel spend

  • 98%

    Average policy compliance rate
  • Up to 5%

    Savings from unused tickets
  • Up to 25%

    Savings from preferred rates

Increased policy compliance

Help your employees make cost-effective travel decisions through a broad range of travel policy controls including:

  • Automated approval workflows – with flexible options for hard approvals, soft approvals, and multiple approvers.
  • Show but do not allow booking – configurable rules that block travelers from booking specific travel options, but still keep them in view in order to increase traveler trust.
  • Dynamic policies – that automatically adjust with market fluctuations based on configurable criteria for lowest logical fare, median fare, and more.
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Unused ticket management

Spotnana’s modern architecture enables travelers to apply unused ticket credits during the booking process and helps travel managers keep tabs on credit expiration dates.

Negotiated rates

We make it easy for you to guide travelers to the most affordable travel options.

  • Corporate rates

    In Spotnana’s Online Booking Tool and mobile app, your corporate negotiated rates are highlighted with your logo and clearly presented alongside list prices for easy comparison.
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  • Spotnana Saver rates

    Enable your travelers to benefit from Spotnana’s negotiated discounts at an ever growing number of airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and rail providers.
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  • Preferred suppliers

    Travel managers can quickly highlight preferred vendors, control how search results are sorted, and use our real-time analytics to support effective supplier negotiations.
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Reduced program leakage

Maximize your negotiating leverage by eliminating the reasons travelers want to book outside of your travel program:

  • Comprehensive global content – we ensure your travelers can always find the best available travel options.
  • Competitive fares and rates – we eliminate the desire to look elsewhere for better prices.
  • Personalized travel shopping – we enable travelers to apply their loyalty benefits during the booking process.
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Deploy fast and pay as you go

Start using Spotnana in a matter of days and save on TMC fees with greater ability to make self-serve changes. We automate complex transactions and workflows in order to reduce fees for agent contacts, providing a better experience to our travelers at a fraction of the cost.