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Traveler safety

Keep corporate travelers safe with pre-trip info on health and safety requirements, real-time traveler location data, and the ability to instantly reach out to anyone on the road.

Real-time traveler tracking and more

View all your active travelers and the steps of their itineraries on Spotnana’s Live Map, along with future trips and prior journeys. Message any traveler by phone or text with one click.

Superior service, whenever you need it

Travelers have access to 24/7 service from the world’s best agents via chat, email, and phone whenever they need it and wherever they are.

Do more for your travelers

Spotnana’s global Travel-as-a-Service Platform makes it easy to manage corporate traveler safety with tools designed to support every step of a traveler’s journey.

  • Before a trip
    Access up-to-date information on travel restrictions and visa requirements.
  • During a trip
    Send alerts to travelers based on health and security warnings. Contact travelers to inform them of changes to their itineraries. Adjust trips with the help of our 24/7 agent team.
  • After a trip
    Analyze traveler behavior to modify policy based on data insights and travel disruptions.