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Spotnana first to provide International SOS with NDC duty of care data

August 13, 2023
By Johnny Thorsen
Categories Innovation,News

People are at the heart of everything we do at Spotnana. Our company was founded with the goal of bringing people together across the world to make meaningful connections. None of this can be achieved without innovations that keep people safe on these journeys.

That’s one of the many reasons I’m excited to announce Spotnana’s industry-leading integration with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and security services company. Our integration supports both NDC and EDIFACT bookings, exchanges, and cancellations.

This innovation ensures that companies are able to track and reach their travelers via International SOS at all times – even when changes and cancellations are made during travel. This is something that, before now, was not possible for NDC bookings leaving a critical gap in duty of care data.

Bridging the NDC gap for International SOS customers

International SOS receives data feeds for more than 300 million PNRs every year in order to keep travel administrators informed and able to manage the location of their travelers. However, Spotnana is the first company to provide a real-time data feed with clean digital travel records that include changes and cancellations made to NDC bookings. Without this data, travel admin’s ability to locate and assist travelers while on the road was limited.

“Spotnana is the first company to provide us with NDC bookings that reflect the original booking, plus changes and cancellations in a comprehensive data feed and ensures International SOS clients have timely and accurate data to support traveler locations across both EDIFACT and NDC bookings. In addition to supporting self-service exchanges and cancellations for NDC bookings, Spotnana’s modern architecture makes it easy for the entire travel ecosystem to access and act on booking data.”

– Jarrett Michau, CEO, Americas Assistance at International SOS

Since Spotnana has created our own System of Record that doesn’t rely on traditional PNR data structure, we are able to provide International SOS with a consistent, accurate, and real-time data feed for NDC exchanges and cancellations. In addition, this data is automatically provided to International SOS whether changes are made via traveler self-service or by contacting an agent. Spotnana’s agent portal and OBT share the same underlying platform, data structure, and automated workflows making the real-time feed to International SOS equally effective for both change methods. 

By fully automating the International SOS feed, travel administrators always have the most up-to-date information about the location of their travelers to keep them safe and comply with all duty of care requirements.

Modernizing travel industry infrastructure

This new integration is the latest example of how Spotnana’s modern architecture enables all parts of the ecosystem to work together seamlessly. This includes managing data around all aspects of NDC including search, booking, exchanges, cancellations, servicing, analytics, and beyond. 

As suppliers offer more traveler options and fares exclusively via NDC (and limit what’s offered via traditional channels) it’s inevitable that NDC bookings will become increasingly common. This makes it essential that NDC data is available and consumable for vital downstream partners like International SOS to avoid creating leakage and gaps in traveler safety and risk data and workflows. 

Preventing these gaps is at the very core of how we have built our underlying data infrastructure at Spotnana. We look forward to continuing to partner with International SOS on further innovations that keep travelers safe while on their journeys, and provide travel administrators with peace of mind that they can find and assist their travelers whenever it’s required.