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Sustainable business travel

Track the carbon output of your travelers and build a more sustainable business travel program.

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Business travel goes green

Build your travel sustainability program and prefer suppliers that prioritize planet Earth. Equip your business travelers with personalized dashboards that enable them to make more sustainable travel choices.
  • Get smart about sustainable business travel

    Establish clear guidelines and priorities to reduce your travel program’s impact on the environment. Enable travelers to track real-world carbon output, make sustainable travel decisions, and better understand how their choices compare to others.

  • total CO2 emission
    Carbon emission tracking

    Track the carbon impact of your business travelers’ air, hotel, car, and rail choices from a single global dashboard in real time. Adjust your travel policy to limit travel choices that result in a significant environmental impact.

  • total CO2 emission
    Empower your travelers

    Equip travelers with data on your travel program’s environmental impact. Spotnana’s online booking tool shows carbon emissions during the flight shopping process, encouraging travelers to make better buying decisions.

Manage your travel sustainability policy

Enhance your travel policies to incorporate sustainability information. Exclude flights based on specific aircraft performance, and encourage travelers to make decisions on key metrics like CO2 per hour flown.

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