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Spotnana Carbon Removal

Purchase high quality offsets for your travel-related carbon emissions.

Travel is a major contributor of carbon emissions

While travel is essential for connecting people, it releases a significant amount of carbon into the atmosphere:

  • Aviation is responsible for 2.4% of carbon emissions and approximately 4% of global warming.
  • Hotel stays contribute another 1% of carbon emissions.
  • Rail transport, while most efficient, still contributes 1% of overall transportation emissions.

Zero out your emissions with Carbon Removal

Remove carbon from the atmosphere to offset all or part of your travel-related emissions.

  • Measure carbon emissions

    Track emissions for each booking - our open travel platform is designed to work with any carbon calculator.
  • Purchase offsets

    Choose whether you want to purchase offsets for all of your carbon emissions or only a portion.
  • Receive proof of removal

    With each purchase we provide a digital certificate that indicates when carbon removal is complete.

How our carbon removal process works

Our partner uses a scientifically proven bio carbon capture and storage process (Bio-CCS).
  • Dry and prepare

    Biomass in the form of wood waste is dried using solar energy.
  • Carbonize

    Through pyrolysis, the biomass is charred and turned into coal.
  • Crush and mix

    The coal is crushed and mixed with water for easier transport.
  • Deposit and monitor

    Finally, the coal is deposited and sealed in old mining shafts.

Advantages of Spotnana Carbon Removal

We offer substantial advantages over offsets that are based on emissions avoidance or tree planting:

  • Speed – emissions are completely offset shortly after purchase.
  • Precision – our carbon removal process is precisely measurable.
  • Permanence – carbon is buried in mining shafts that are sealed and monitored.

Our commitment to sustainability

We care deeply about making travel sustainable for our customers and our employees.

  • Powering sustainable travel programs

    Spotnana is constantly innovating and bringing new sustainability features to our customers.
  • Zeroing out our own carbon emissions

    We use Spotnana Carbon Removal to achieve net zero carbon emissions for our own employee travel.

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