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Spotnana powers Train Hugger’s UK rail experience

November 15, 2023
By Bill Brindle
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It’s incredible to see what forward-looking organizations can accomplish when they work together.

I’m excited to share that Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform now powers Train Hugger’s booking experience for corporate travelers purchasing UK rail, which is enabled by our deep integration with Trainline’s Global API

Launched in 2021, Train Hugger is a rapidly growing provider of rail bookings to UK travelers. Train Hugger has a commendable commitment to sustainability, as the organization plants a tree in the UK for every rail trip made on its platform. Its approach makes offsetting the carbon emissions of rail trips simple for its customers, and it is in the process of planting 10 million trees in the UK through 2025.

“We’re over the moon to be launching this fantastic product. Spotnana’s brilliant UX makes it much easier for business customers to book with all the flexibility and policies that large businesses require. It’s easier, cheaper, greener, and a no-brainer for businesses.”

– Edmund Caldecott, Founder of Train Hugger

Train Hugger’s corporate customers now have access to the extensive capabilities we have delivered through our Trainline integration, including:

  • Best-in-class modern shopping experience – travelers can apply discounts from rail cards and loyalty programs, select seats based on real-time seat maps, view accurate amenity details for each leg of a multi-carrier trip, and purchase comfort options and amenities, such as in-seat meals and Wi-Fi.
  • Split-ticket pricing – travelers receive the best possible pricing on UK fares with split-ticket pricing, which allows for individual legs of a trip to be booked independently at reduced prices.
  • Self-service changes and cancellations – travelers can change and cancel their rail trips online, including  the full ability to cancel individual tickets in a multi-ticket trip.
  • Real-time global analytics – Travel managers can see full details on bookings, exchanges, and cancellations for all rail carrier bookings in addition to the location of travelers.

Train Hugger was able to quickly evolve its existing travel tech stack to serve corporations via  Spotnana, launching its new corporate solution in a matter of months using customized UI design and its own web address.

A deep integration was possible due to several aspects of Spotnana’s architecture including:

  • Open APIs and microservices – make it easy to interface with specific components of Spotnana’s platform, such as profiles, trips, and analytics.
  • Flexible white labeling options – accelerate deployment by providing developers with the ability to quickly configure core branding elements,  use embeddable UI components, build a custom UI from scratch, or take a hybrid approach.
  • Extensible data infrastructure – enables partners to store and retrieve data elements that are essential for multiple systems to operate as one, such as customer and user profile data.

Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform is the first in the world to ingest content from any source and make it easily consumable by channel partners around the world. Our API-friendly, microservices-based infrastructure makes it simple for our channel partners to provide their customers unparalleled travel experiences in the markets they serve.

– Sarosh Waghmar, CEO and Founder of Spotnana

Train Hugger has done a beautiful job white labeling Spotnana’s rail shopping experience and admin console as well as connecting our APIs to their in-house systems. As a result they are able to provide travelers with a best-in-class booking experience that includes comprehensive self-service capabilities.

I am particularly excited for this partnership because Train Hugger shares our belief in the critical importance of sustainable travel solutions, complementing our recent announcement of Spotnana Carbon Removal. Train Hugger is a very welcome addition to our rapidly growing community of channel partners, which includes Brex, Center, Qantas, CWT, and more.

To learn how Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform can help you sell travel to your customers, please take a moment to reach out.