Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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Spotnana Events

Simplify travel management for groups of any size traveling to the same destination, anywhere in the world.

Create a meeting or event invite in minutes

Empower employees and guests to book their own travel for a small gathering or large event.
  • Set travel guardrails

    Control what attendees book by setting event and guest policies, travel windows, allowed booking types, designated airports and/or hotels, and payment methods.
  • Invite event attendees

    Add employees and unprofiled guest travelers to an invite list through and send a customized email prompting them to book their travel.
  • Monitor bookings and spend

    View real-time booking data to monitor booking status and total event travel spend for attendees, and quickly drill down into event specific costs.

Comprehensive support for guest booking

Invite guests outside your organization to attend an event and book their own travel.

An image of Spotnana Events' interface

Revolutionize the way people gather in person

Spotnana Events can be added to an existing Spotnana deployment or purchased as a standalone offering, giving corporations a quick and easy way to get started with Spotnana’s modern travel platform.

Harness all of Spotnana’s core capabilities

Spotnana Events is built on top of Spotnana’s award-winning Travel-as-a-Service platform.

  • Modern online booking experience

    Gain access to Spotnana’s industry-leading self-service capabilities, advanced policy management, and comprehensive global content.
  • Seamless global travel services

    Spotnana’s expert Travel Experience agents are available 24/7 to support event bookings and can be reached via live chat, email, or phone.
  • Simplified global travel management

    We deploy a single Spotnana instance across all locations, enabling rapid rollouts, global event destinations, and seamless global travel.

Explore Spotnana’s rapidly growing suite of travel products

Simplify travel management and elevate travel experiences.

  • Online Booking

    Experience the world’s most advanced travel platform with comprehensive content and global servicing.
  • Seat 1A

    Provide your VIP travelers with personalized, proactive, white-glove travel assistance.
  • Carbon Removal

    Remove carbon from the atmosphere to offset your travel-related carbon emissions.