Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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Flexible white labeling

Deliver a user experience that blends seamlessly with your brand and user experience.

Configurable user experience

In a matter of minutes, Spotnana can be configured to showcase your brand and align with your business strategy:

  • Add your core brand elements – incorporate your preferred logo, fonts, and colors.
  • White label key touchpoints – create a custom URL, email address for notifications, and email template.
  • Choose your content – sell any combination of air, hotel, car, and rail bookings.

Extensive options for fully embedded experiences

Spotnana supports a wide range of white labeling techniques that can be combined in any fashion to achieve your goals.

  • Simple SSO integration

    Launch in days by adding a link from your UI to Spotnana’s Online Booking Tool, configured with your branding elements.
  • Embeddable components

    Use iframes to incorporate our extensive library of embeddable components into your desktop and mobile UI.
  • APIs for full customization

    Use our APIs to build an entirely new travel booking user experience that blends perfectly with your current product design. 

Single Sign-On

Our extensive support for SSO options includes SAML, OpenID, Google login, and Okta.

Seamless feature releases

Provide your customers with a continuous stream of new enhancements:

  • Rapid innovation – our microservices-based architecture supports continuous integration and deployment of new releases.
  • Feature flags – we enable you to decide which capabilities should be released to your customers.
  • Rings of validation – we test features internally, then provide you with a testing window to ensure everything works in your environment.

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