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Spotnana powers Ticketpro’s new South Africa TMC

August 22, 2023
By Sarosh Waghmar
Categories Innovation,News

Today we are thrilled to announce that Ticketpro Travel Solutions, a new TMC created by South Africa’s leading ticketing provider Ticketpro, will use Spotnana’s core infrastructure to power its travel management business. 

As the founder of multiple TMCs in my more than 20 year career, I can say that gaining access to international content and servicing global travelers are some of the toughest challenges a new TMC must surmount to provide seamless experiences to its travelers. Outdated legacy technology leads to geographic silos and servicing gaps.

This is why Spotnana has built a modern tech stack and operating system for the travel industry from the ground up, providing global content and international servicing capabilities to companies across countries and geographies. Our mission is to modernize the infrastructure of the travel industry by providing an open Travel-as-a-Service platform that is available for everyone around the world to use and build on top of.

Ticketpro Travel Solutions joins CWT and Solutions Travel as the publicly announced TMCs using Spotnana’s infrastructure end-to-end to provide unparalleled experiences to their travelers. We’re delighted to add a TMC serving the South African market to our group of visionary TMC partners that are driving innovation forward around the world.

Ticketpro Travel Solutions provides a wide array of global TMC services powered by Spotnana including personalized service experiences, advanced data analysis and reporting, traveler tracking, and advanced policy compliance features. Travelers enjoy access to global content from suppliers operating around the world, unprecedented self-service booking and change capabilities, and access to worldwide servicing from travel agents all inside an intuitive Online Booking Tool and mobile app experience. 

“This level of innovation is what the business market has needed for some time now. For too long we have hidden behind unseen fees and legacy systems. For the actual traveler this engenders a clear frustration for what should be the most seamless part of their journey.”

– Brandon Duffield, CEO of Ticketpro Travel Solutions

Ticketpro Travel Solutions uses all of Spotnana’s core infrastructure, including: 

  • Online Booking Tool – a modern, white-labeled user experience for travelers, arrangers, and travel managers. 
  • Agent Desktop – tools for maximizing agent productivity that sit on the same infrastructure as our OBT and access the same profiles, policies, and negotiated rates.
  • Booking Engine – automated workflows for booking and modifying trips as well as configurable logic for policies, payments, and more.
  • System of Record – extensible data structures that eliminate the need for PNR comments, simplify integrations, and power real-time analytics.
  • Content Engine – technology for integrating, deduping, and normalizing travel content from any source so all available options can be presented seamlessly to travelers.

Spotnana enables any TMC or technology provider to begin selling travel quickly, improve traveler experiences, increase operational efficiency, and set its business up for success. 

Spotnana’s partnership with Ticketpro is yet another example of TMCs around the world prioritizing change and unparalleled travel experiences over the status quo. I’m humbled and excited to welcome another innovator to our visionary ecosystem of partners who are passionate about bringing travelers around the world experiences they deserve.