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New TMC Solutions Travel Is Powered By Spotnana

March 08, 2023
By Sarosh Waghmar
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Today we are excited to announce that Solutions Travel, a new TMC founded by corporate travel industry veteran Mark Walton and a team of experienced travel investors, will use Spotnana as the core infrastructure powering its travel business. 

I have spent the last two decades in the travel industry as the founder of multiple TMCs trying to deliver superior traveler experiences at scale, only to run into the limitations of our industry’s outdated technology, time and again. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to build a new tech stack for the travel industry from the ground up.

This is why Spotnana was created. It’s our mission to modernize the infrastructure of the travel industry, and from the very beginning it’s been our goal to make our Travel-as-a-Service Platform open and available for everyone to use.

Travel is exceptionally complex, and the complexity is only growing over time. Consequently, modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry is something we cannot undertake all on our own. It requires partnering with the true innovators in our industry who bring their knowledge, creativity, and passion for exceptional customer service to the table. 

Mark has decades of travel industry experience including executive positions at Orbitz for Business and Options Travel as well as serving as the co-founder of Consulting Strategies. He has championed change throughout his career, and our partnership developed when he set out to build a new TMC from the ground up around Spotnana’s unified global tech stack. It’s been a true pleasure working with Mark, and I’m grateful for the insights and ideas he’s shared that will make Spotnana’s platform better for everyone.

Powering the next generation of TMCs

In the announcement Solutions Travel released today, Mark shared the following perspective on our some of our early conversations:

“Last year, Solutions approached Spotnana to arrange demos with some very large enterprises who were wowed by what they saw. Once we realized that Spotnana’s modern cloud-native platform could be white labeled, rapidly deployed, and easily integrated with other systems via open APIs, we decided to build a company around it.” – Mark Walton, CEO Solutions Travel

Solutions Travel has chosen to use Spotnana’s entire technology stack, including the following:

  • Online Booking Tool – a modern, white-labeled user experience for travelers, arrangers, and travel managers. 
  • Agent Desktop – tools for maximizing agent productivity that sit on the same infrastructure as our OBT and access the same profiles, policies, and negotiated rates.
  • Booking Engine – automated workflows for booking and modifying trips as well as configurable logic for policies, payments, and more.
  • System of Record – extensible data structures that eliminate the need for PNR comments, simplify integrations, and power real-time analytics.
  • Content Engine – technology for integrating, deduping, and normalizing travel content from any source so all available options can be presented seamlessly to travelers.

In today’s announcement, Mark also shared:

“We’ve selected Spotnana as our exclusive travel platform to differentiate ourselves and accelerate our time to market. Corporate clients want a new travel model with integrated applications, flexibility, ease of use, and access to more content. To deliver on this, we needed a travel platform that goes far beyond a traditional online booking tool and has been designed from day one to serve as the foundation for a modern travel management company.” – Mark Walton, CEO Solutions Travel

One of the key factors that led Solutions Travel to select Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform is the way our technology is built on open APIs. This makes it easy for Solutions Travel to connect with the duty of care, expense, sustainability, and HR management systems their customers need. 

Spotnana was also selected based on our ability to support any source of content including direct NDC integrations. Today Spotnana supports end-to-end traveler journeys that include booking, self-service post-ticketing changes, and servicing for all content, including NDC-based trips.

An open platform built for everyone

We’re delighted to partner with Solutions Travel and provide the core infrastructure that enables them to power a new generation of traveler experiences. The combination of Spotnana’s modern, cloud-based tech stack with Solution Travel’s expert travel agents will enable more corporations to benefit from seamless traveler experiences. 

Although Solutions Travel is the first TMC to announce a partnership with us, we’re working to launch several others this year. Our platform has been designed to enable any TMC to improve traveler experiences, increase operational efficiency, and set their business up for success.

Spotnana is excited to partner with TMCs and industry veterans who want change. Today, I’m humbled and grateful to be announcing the first steps along that path.