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Security and Trust

Spotnana goes to great lengths to ensure that customer data remains safe and secure. When using our Travel-as-a-Service Platform, your data benefits from multiple layers of security and governance technologies, operational practices, and compliance policies enforced by Spotnana.

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Our commitments

Security is core to our mission at Spotnana. To find out more information, download our Security White Paper.

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    Spotnana’s Security team conducts regular reviews of application design, architecture and features related to the security of the platform, along with a series of automated security vulnerability scans (static code analysis, container scanning, etc.). Third-party pentesting is also conducted at least annually. All vulnerabilities identified are managed under a well-established SLA for remediation.

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    Spotnana takes privacy seriously. All Spotnana employees undergo training in data privacy and security, and we have a team dedicated to the management of these issues.

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    In line with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013, Spotnana has implemented an ISMS system and obtained ISO 27001:2013 certification. Spotnana also complies with trust services security criteria under AICPA and has obtained an independent auditor report for SOC2 Type 2 compliance.