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What Is Travel-as-a-Service?

May 17, 2023
By Andrew Sheivachman
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Traditional travel technology has its roots in mainframe computing introduced in the 1960s. Dated technology leads to increased costs, less flexibility, and poor experiences for travelers.

Spotnana built the first Travel-as-a-Service Platform to modernize the infrastructure of the travel industry with a cloud-based travel platform based on microservices and open APIs. Our technology is designed to accelerate innovation, deliver unparalleled experiences to business travelers, and provide a suite of powerful tools to travel managers. 

Spotnana has been built as an open platform from day one. Technology providers and suppliers can use Spotnana to drive innovation, generate revenue from travel sales, and bring new capabilities to their own customers.

What is Travel-as-a-Service?

A diagram of Spotnana's Travel-as-a-Service Platform.

Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform is extensible and API-enabled.

We pull inventory from all available content sources, including New Distribution Capability (NDC) connections, into our Content Engine and make that content available in our System of Record, which is not based on the traditional travel industry PNR and is completely extensible. 

Our partners can then connect via open APIs to bring any part of the Spotnana Travel-as-a-Service Platform to their customers.

We built a new, modern infrastructure for the travel industry from the ground up that includes these core components:

  • Content Engine – Our platform incorporates any type of content from any source. As content is ingested, it is aggregated, normalized, deduped, ranked, and made available to other parts of our platform.
  • System of Record – Spotnana’s extensible data structures remove the need for a mid-office and manual scripting tools to process traveler bookings, changes, and cancellations. Our platform integrates with other systems and supports real-time global analytics.
  • Booking Engine – Our booking engine supports all of the business rules and automated workflows to enable the endless ways our customers and partners prefer to configure our platform.
  • Agent Desktop – Agents using our platform can support any traveler from any location. They can access traveler profiles, policies, and trips in real-time, enabling personalized service with rapid resolution times, as well.
  • Online Booking Tool – Our modern, personalized booking experience allows travelers to manage trip changes and cancellations on a self-service basis, apply unused ticket credits, and access their loyalty benefits when booking.

Spotnana for Corporations

Spotnana provides a single global platform for all of a company’s business travel. 

We’ve eliminated the need to deploy and manage multiple booking tools or software instances to serve travelers that live in different countries. Using a single global instance of Spotnana, travelers can view travel options and book, modify, or cancel trips anywhere in the world.

Corporations are free to use their preferred best-in-class vendors by supporting seamless integration with HR, expense management, and other travel tools.

Travel managers have access to powerful analytic tools that include real-time updates on their company’s travel along with the ability to create and export custom reports. We keep track of your program’s unused tickets and display them to travelers in our shopping display, streamlining an arduous process for administrators.

Spotnana provides world-class user interfaces for travelers too. Travelers benefit from our modern Online Booking Tool and mobile app experiences for booking and managing trips, with feature parity across each. Both allow for self-service changes, exchanges, and cancellations so travelers can easily adjust their trips without help from a travel manager or travel agent. 

We enable travelers to see all available inventory from global distribution systems, NDC connections, low-cost carriers, OTAs including and Expedia, and other sources, eliminating the need to shop around. Travelers have access to discounts negotiated by Spotnana in addition to your own negotiated rates and fares.

Travelers, travel managers, and Spotnana travel agents use the same platform so all changes are reflected in real-time however one is made.

Spotnana for TMCs

Spotnana’s open architecture allows other TMCs to bring all of the features mentioned to their own customers. Solutions Travel, for instance, is using Spotnana’s entire tech stack to power its operations.

Our extensible System of Record uses data structures that eliminate the need for a mid-office and manual scripting tools to process travel bookings, changes, and cancellations. This makes it easy to integrate our platform with other systems and allows us to support unprecedented real-time global analytics.

Our Online Booking Tool and Agent Desktop enable agents and travelers to collaborate seamlessly on issue resolution by using the same underlying platform. Agents have access to all the information they need to provide personalized service including viewing the same content, profiles, and policies that travelers view when booking. In addition, unlike other tools that are limited by geographical location, agents using Spotnana have the ability to support any traveler from any location.

Agencies can add GDS PCCs to Spotnana along with PNR remarks and anything else needed to properly service travelers, invoice customers, and collect revenue from suppliers. Solutions Travel is the first TMC to operate fully using Spotnana’s technology stack.

Spotnana reduces costs, increases agent efficiency, and improves the traveler experience for travel management companies using our Travel-as-a-Service Platform.

Spotnana for technology and financial services providers

Technology and financial services providers can embed any element of our platform into their products to offer travel booking to their customers and build on our APIs to develop unique product offerings. 

Since Spotnana has modernized the infrastructure of travel from end to end, partners can use and build on top of any part of our technology stack. Our open Content Engine, extensible System of Record, flexible integration options, and turn key global TMC services provide a comprehensive solution for partners looking to increase their competitive advantage through white labeling.

We have partnered with Brex, for instance, to power travel inside of its Empower suite of products. Brex was able to bring industry-leading corporate travel functionality to its customers in a matter of months.

Spotnana supports our partners with strong executive alignment, key systems integration, comprehensive developer support, and extensive sales and customer success training. It’s easy for our partners to build revenue from travel sales with Spotnana’s rapid time to market and low development costs.

Spotnana for suppliers

Suppliers, as well, can use Spotnana’s extensible architecture to streamline their technology stacks, improve efficiency, and deliver unparalleled experiences to their customers. 

Our industry-first connection with American Airlines, for example, brings one-click AAdvantage sign up to business travelers along with NDC rates and full self-service changes, exchanges, and cancellations.

Connecting deeply with corporate travel buyers unlocks new business opportunities for suppliers looking to manage distribution and technology costs.

Want to learn more about how Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform can transform your travel program or business? Get a demo today.