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How Spotnana powers travel portals for suppliers

June 26, 2024
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Innovation

Many suppliers offer travel portals so that customers who book with them often are able to receive special perks while also getting some of the most critical benefits of a managed travel program.

A supplier travel portal that provides a poor user experience or uses dated systems requiring manual agent work, however, can have a negative impact on a supplier’s brand perception and direct channel revenue.

Here’s how Spotnana can enhance your supplier travel portal to drive revenue and brand loyalty, reduce costs, and provide unparalleled experiences to travelers.

Next-generation travel booking and management

Spotnana provides travel solutions for every type of reseller through our open technology – including travel suppliers. We make it easy to create an optimized shopping experience for your travelers featuring rich content and more. 

Spotnana can connect directly to your NDC content feed, Passenger Services System (PSS), or Central Reservation System (CRS). In addition, we have integrations with a wide range of content sources, enabling you to offer any combination of air, hotel, car, and rail bookings to your customers.

Our integrated online booking tool and mobile app provide a seamless, intuitive booking experience across devices. Customers can search, book, manage trips, and access support in one place. Information is always up to date on our global, unified Travel-as-a-Service platform, providing a consistent experience to travelers however they like to shop and book.

Spotnana is designed to be white labeled and embedded into your existing website, enabling you to deliver a seamlessly branded customer experience tailored to your customers’ needs. Our open API also allows easy integration with content sources, loyalty programs, expense solutions, HR providers, duty of care providers, analytics tools, and more.

For corporate travel, Spotnana makes it easy for arrangers to book on behalf of others and enables travel managers to configure policies, track traveler locations for safety purposes, and access real-time analytics on traveler behavior and spend.

Enhanced traveler experience

Spotnana empowers travelers to make self-service changes to existing bookings including upgrades, seat assignments, meal selections, and adding bags or other ancillary purchases. Automation reduces manual work needed from travel agents and leads to more repeat customers due to the simplicity of adjusting trips when plans change.

Our platform enables 24/7 global service using our Agent Desktop, which can be used by a supplier’s internal travel agents or a TMC partner. Travelers and agents use the same platform, making agents more efficient and giving them all the information they need to help travelers.

Providing your customers an enhanced travel booking and servicing experience also allows for additional revenue for suppliers via upgrade requests and ancillaries.

Spotnana’s flexible infrastructure enables customers to pay for travel with cards, loyalty points, or a combination of the two. Suppliers can highlight loyalty program member deals and benefits, show savings and points earned, and provide support for both individual and SMB loyalty programs.

Qantas Business Rewards

Spotnana partnered with Qantas last year to power the Qantas Business Rewards travel portal.

By integrating with Spotnana’s technology, Qantas Business Rewards provides a seamless, personalized booking experience where travelers can easily search, book, and manage Qantas flights and ancillaries. The partnership also enables Qantas to showcase exclusive business fares and loyalty benefits to drive direct bookings.

The Qantas Business Rewards travel portal features:

  • PSS-level integration featuring content inventory sourced directly from the airline’s Amadeus Altéa PSS implementation.
  • A customized user experience that matches Qantas’ brand on desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Access to multiple content sources for flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Deep integration with Qantas’ loyalty programs, showing travelers the savings and points earned for each booking.
  • Expanded payment options enabling travelers to pay via card, loyalty points, or a combination of the two.
  • Customizable user and policy management tools for administrators.
  • Real-time travel analytics on spending and traveler behavior.

Overall, our integration empowers Qantas Business Rewards to provide exceptional service and shopping experiences tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Want to learn more about how enhancing your travel portal with Travel-as-a-Service can boost revenue and traveler satisfaction? Get a demo of Spotnana today.