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Spotnana’s enhanced lowest logical fare capabilities

June 20, 2024
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Innovation

Advanced lowest logical fare (LLF) functionality may be what your travel program needs to save on flight costs without sacrificing traveler satisfaction.

Lowest logical fare functionality compares a traveler-selected fare with the lowest in-policy fare available in the same set of search results after accounting for factors such as departure time, flight time, layovers, and more. 

Since fare prices may fluctuate for a specific city pair, implementing a travel policy with rules based on the lowest logical fare allows travel programs to save money while providing travelers with in-policy options that reflect changing market conditions.

Spotnana has offered highly configurable lowest logical fare policies for some time, and today we’re excited to announce several exciting enhancements that make it easier for travelers to choose the most cost-effective flight options. Our offering is unique in that we show lowest logical fare recommendations on every leg of a trip, guiding travelers during the search process instead of waiting until checkout.

Now, if a traveler selects an out-of-policy flight leg, a box opens showing any in-policy options that adhere to the lowest logical fare policy rules. Travelers can toggle through the suggested flights with just one click to find the option that meets their needs. 

Spotnana's LLF interface.

Spotnana makes it easy for travelers to select the most cost-effective in-policy flight options.

Spotnana has long supported the ability to communicate which policy rules are violated when a user clicks on an out-of-policy label for a specific fare. Now travelers will also see the option to view suggestions for in-policy flight options.

Spotnana's LLF interface for out-of-policy bookings.

It’s intuitive for travelers to see why their flight choice is out of policy and select a compliant alternative.

We now also provide improved capabilities for guiding travelers to select a less expensive fare even when a booking is in-policy. If a traveler selects an out-of-policy itinerary and a lower fare option is detected, the traveler receives a notification during checkout with a link to view the suggested flights.

Spotnana's checkout screen featuring a reminder for travelers to select in-policy options.

Travelers are prompted at checkout to select a cheaper flight option.

With Spotnana, travel managers have the ability to configure the rules for calculating the lowest logical fare based on a variety of factors. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to configure lowest logical fare policies for different employee groups, offices, and more with just a few clicks. 

Rule settings are available for:

  • Budget – determines the amount above the lowest logical fare that will be considered in-policy.
  • Domestic layover durationDesignates the maximum layover time (per stop) to be considered for domestic flights. 
  • International layover durationDesignates the maximum layover time (per stop) to be considered for international flights. 
  • Number of stopsDesignates the maximum number of stops to be considered. 
  • Domestic flight time windowDesignates the maximum number of hours before and after the user’s selected domestic flight time to be considered. 
  • International flight time windowDesignates the number of hours before and after the user’s selected international flight time to be considered. 
  • Airport connection changesDesignates whether flights which require airport changes are to be included or excluded. 
  • Carriers – Designates the carriers that should be included or excluded. 

Detailed reporting is available to companies with a lowest logical fare policy enabled. Spotnana’s analytics show missed savings, the difference in travel time for the itinerary selected, and itinerary details including number of stops, fare price, and more.


Spotnana's analytics suite.

It’s simple to see missed savings based on the booking decisions of your travelers.

Want to learn more about how customized lowest logical fare calculations can enhance your travel program while reducing costs? Get a demo today.