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Travel management

Spotnana makes business travel management easy with global travel policies, traveler health and safety features, and global analytics.

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One end-to-end platform for managing business travel

Gone are the days of building a time-consuming patchwork of travel management companies, online booking tools, and technology providers to manage travel. Our easy-to-use suite of business travel management tools includes dynamic policies that can be deployed for specific offices or groups, real-time health and safety tracking, and integrated insights on travel spend, policy compliance, sustainability, and more.

Deploy once, everywhere

We deploy a single global instance of Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service Platform, bringing a consistent service experience to all your travelers.

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A page for new policy group to create a policy group for set of specific users

Dynamic global policies

Gain the power to create and change travel policies in a few clicks at any level of granularity across global offices, corporate divisions, or even on the individual level.

Future proof your travel program

Use Spotnana’s business travel management technology to build a travel program that adapts to change and harnesses the latest advancements throughout the travel ecosystem.

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    Traveler health & safety

    Track travelers in real-time and get in touch with one click. Monitor health and travel advisories from one central global dashboard.

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    Sustainability policy & tracking

    Monitor your program’s carbon emissions and build a green travel policy for your program. Set dynamic rules and encourage travelers to make sustainable travel decisions.

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    Real-time insights

    Make smarter decisions based on real-time data and traveler behavior to build a more effective travel program that leads to positive business outcomes.