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Flexible site messaging enables essential communication with travelers

February 09, 2024
By Sheryl Neutuch
Categories Travel Management

Managing a corporate travel program comes with a lot of tasks, including communicating with company travelers.  Knowing that employees are bombarded with emails, messages, meetings, calls, etc., it was important for us to build a tool that breaks through all that noise.  This is why Spotnana developed “Site messaging” – a native feature within our Travel-as-a-Service platform. 

Site messaging provides travel managers with the ability to message their company employees within Spotnana’s desktop user interface, mobile app, and traveler emails. For travelers, site messaging can relay guidance and important information before they book their trip. For travel managers, it can help you influence the decisions of travelers so that they’re aligned with your program priorities.

We provide travel managers with tremendous flexibility to message company travelers. Travel managers can also select the message location – specifically, what page they want the message to appear on (e.g., Search page, Checkout page, etc.) and where on the page they want the message displayed (e.g., banner at the top of the page). 

Depending on your needs, messaging can be customized for different traveler groups.  For example, maybe you only want to message travelers who are searching for hotels in a specific city or travelers who have booked travel on a specific airline.  

Here are some possible scenarios that you can leverage site messaging to help better communicate to your travelers.

Scenario 1: Message travelers visiting a specific company office location

Your company has opened a new office in New York and the building has strict security protocols, requiring all visitors to apply for building access. Access can take up to 24 hours to be granted, however. Because of this, you want to alert travelers to apply ahead of their arrival. 

As the travel manager, you can set up site messaging to inform all company travelers who are planning a trip to New York to apply for building access prior to their trip. You can message them on their Trip list page and again within their itinerary email.

Spotnana's interface for setting message audience.

Travel managers can select employee groups and attributes to create audiences for site messages.

Scenario 2: Message travelers searching for hotel accommodations in a specific city

Your company has a corporate apartment near its San Francisco office and prefers employees to stay there when it’s available. Travel managers want to remind employees to first check availability there before booking a hotel in the San Francisco area.

As a travel manager, you can set up a site message to appear when a traveler is searching for a hotel in San Francisco. You have the flexibility to choose if you want the message to appear on the initial search page, on the search results page, and/or on the checkout page – both on desktop and mobile.

The interface for selecting multiple criteria for site messaging audience on Spotnana.

Travel managers can create audiences from multiple criteria, including those based on travel details.

Scenario 3: Remind travelers to search for more sustainable travel options

Sustainable travel is an important goal for your company, and you want to guide travelers to make sustainable travel choices.

When a company traveler is searching for a car rental, for example, you can set up a site message to remind them to filter the results by engine type and select a vehicle that is either electric, hybrid, or uses alternative fuel.

An image showing site messaging displayed in Spotnana.

Context-specific messages can be sent based on traveler search behavior.

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