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March 29, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Sustainability

Taking steps to protect the planet is necessary, and the right thing to do, in a world at risk from climate change.

To combat climate change, companies around the world are moving toward net-zero emission goals and embracing green environmental, social, and governance principles.

Your corporate travel program, according to research, may be one of the primary contributors to your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditional corporate booking tools and travel management tools fall short of providing actionable carbon output information to travelers when booking and only provide limited analysis of the total impact of your program to administrators.

Sustainability is baked into the core of our mission at Spotnana.

We empower our users to make smart decisions to reduce their individual carbon emissions and allow travel managers to limit their program’s overall carbon footprint.

Going green

An image of the Spotnana app showing a comparison of flight cabins along with the estimated carbon impact of each choice.

Spotnana shows travelers the estimated carbon emissions of different flight choices.

Spotnana has sustainability information and tracking built-in to our platform, presenting travelers with the emissions data they need when choosing a flight. Our CO2 information is created in partnership with a leading global NGO that has spent more than a decade developing its carbon tracking model for travel.

Our platform displays the carbon footprint of individual flight options, making it easy for travelers to compare the level of service they will receive along with the carbon impact of their choices. Our checkout screen also displays the carbon footprint of the selected flights, acting as a reminder for our users.

If your policy has a limit on carbon emission per flight or segment, your traveler is notified and will be able to choose options that fit your policy. You can find out which routes and types of trips have the largest impact, allowing you to make decisions to improve the sustainability of your business.

Whether you are thinking about managing your program’s carbon footprint through your travel policy, or your travelers are individually striving to reduce their impact, Spotnana gives you the ability to set limits and create a balance between things like carbon emissions and price, while excluding airlines with less sustainable planes or preferring those that use sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

An image of a carbon footprint dashboard inside the Spotnana app.

Spotnana provides travel managers with a dashboard showing the carbon footprint of their company’s travel.

All carbon output information is tracked in real-time in Spotnana’s analytics suite, providing visibility and insight into emerging trends. Our platform also connects to third-party sustainability management tools, giving your organization greater context on how travel fits into its wider sustainability efforts.

Once you have a handle on your travel program’s carbon footprint, Spotnana’s powerful policy engine allows you to set new rules for the carbon output of flights and reduce the impact your organization has on the environment.

To find out about making your travel program more sustainable, contact us for a demo of Spotnana.