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The Best Business Trip, Without Shopping Around

March 18, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

Every time someone travels for work, there’s one question that’s in the back of their mind:

Am I really getting the best prices on my flight, hotel, and car rental?

For travel managers and administrators, answering this question is an ongoing challenge.

If travelers are booking on consumer sites, there’s no way to control costs and help travelers when something goes wrong. If they are using a corporate booking tool with a bad interface and limited options, they’re just as likely to book their trip online or directly with an airline or hotel chain.

This phenomenon is known as leakage, which hurts the traveler’s experience as they use other booking options to build the trips they want. Travel managers also lose the ability to enforce policy, manage duty of care, and make decisions with a holistic view of travel behavior.

To provide the best business travel experience, companies need to offer the most choice, the best service, and the most elegant booking experience to employees.

At Spotnana, we’ve built our business travel platform from the ground up to provide travelers the choice of all available travel options inside an intuitive omnichannel booking experience.

Transparent Travel

An example of the Spotnana app’s display for flight cabins, showing the details of each available choice.

Spotnana travelers can directly compare details from the different fares available on a particular flight.

Spotnana pulls from all of the available sources for flights, hotels, and cars, bringing the widest array of choices to your travelers. We also connect directly with global airlines using NDC to bring you the best prices and offers that are personalized for your travelers.

This means you can bring perks and amenities like free Wi-Fi, priority boarding, and free upgrades automatically to your travelers when they book with Spotnana. Our easy-to-use booking interface makes it simple for travelers to compare amenities and select seats to make the best booking decision based on their preferences.

Spotnana shows the widest range of available inventory when travelers book a trip, with unbiased content that lets them make a decision from all available options.

You may not realize, but one reason travelers shop around is that they don’t believe they’re getting the best rate. Sometimes, online booking tools and travel agencies hide the best rates to make more money off of travelers. We don’t take money to bias our content.

Travelers don’t have to worry about a better deal or more compelling options being available somewhere else. We offer inventory from, which is the most popular consumer booking site worldwide, along with a variety of other global content including from direct connections to airlines.

Travelers can sort and filter by any criteria they want ranging from price, length of flight, nonstop, airline, hotel brand, hotel type, and more.

Spotnana’s robust and granular policy features allow the travel manager to set limits on spending as well as limit travel based on type of cabin, type of hotel, and more. Travelers will always be able to see the options available to them outside of company policy by clicking a button at the top of the page, giving them the peace of mind to make the best decision.

Travelers can also earn loyalty points for airlines, hotels, and car rentals by entering their information in their profile, which automatically applies to all relevant bookings. Traveler status will also be taken into account for flights on airlines including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

After booking, Spotnana’s customer experience team is available to help 24/7 if your travelers need to make a change or their trip has been disrupted.

To find out more about providing your travelers with the best booking experience, contact us for a demo of Spotnana.