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Spotnana partners with Air France and KLM to deliver more global NDC content

June 26, 2024
By Sarosh Waghmar
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Angus Clarke (left), Chief Commercial Officer at Air France-KLM, with Spotnana Founder and Chief Product Officer Sarosh Waghmar.

As a global travel platform committed to driving innovation within the travel industry, we’re passionate about bringing freedom, simplicity, and trust to travelers everywhere. One way we’re doing this is by partnering directly with airlines around the world that share this vision.

Spotnana was designed from day one to work seamlessly with any source of travel content, including NDC. That’s why we’re building the deepest direct NDC integrations with the world’s largest airlines.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we have released a new direct connection with Air France and KLM to meet the growing demand for NDC content in Europe and beyond. 

Celebrating the partnership in Paris

Recently, Bill Brindle, our VP of Content & Commercials, and I had the opportunity to meet the Air France and KLM team at their headquarters in Paris, France. We sat across the table and shared a meal with people we’ve worked closely with over email and video calls for months. 

The experience reminded me of the power of human connection and the value of gathering together. At Spotnana, we believe travel is vital to human connection. That is why we aspire to power innovation for travel suppliers across the entire travel industry by building longer tables, not higher walls.

This meeting brought together a few Spotnana, Air France, and KLM team members to celebrate our deep direct NDC connection. We enjoyed meeting Angus Clarke, Air France-KLM’s Chief Commercial Officer. Angus and I share an appreciation and respect for both teams’ hard work in developing this NDC integration swiftly and efficiently. We also share excitement about how technology is redefining the travel industry. He mentioned that our partnership is an example of how travel suppliers are adopting new technologies to modernize how they sell their inventory.

We’re proud to be modernizing the infrastructure for the travel industry and delivering Spotnana’s industry-leading NDC capabilities to more travelers around the world.

Delivering new capabilities to travelers

Spotnana’s deep direct integration with Air France and KLM provides global travelers with the best travel options at the most competitive prices through our Travel-as-a-Service platform.

This connection gives customers access to NDC-exclusive fares, dynamically-priced ancillary products, personalized offers, and more. Agents using Spotnana are able to provide seamless servicing for NDC fares and support for self-service exchanges and cancellations post-ticketing will be available in the second half of 2024.

Spotnana is a trusted technology partner that powers true innovation in the travel industry through its modern infrastructure. Spotnana built the deepest NDC integration with Air France and KLM and is accessing the full capabilities of our NDC API, enabling customers to benefit from our latest advances including the ability to purchase SAF through a dynamic bundle.

– Angus Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer at Air France-KLM

Key features of this NDC integration include:

  • Continuous pricing – additional and more attractive price points compared to bookings via EDIFACT.
  • NDC exclusive fares – including promotional fares and the lowest available leisure fares.
  • Elimination of cost-recovery surcharges– travelers benefit from fares that avoid surcharges for the recovery of distribution costs.
  • Personalized shopping experience – seat maps reflect a traveler’s loyalty status in the Flying Blue frequent flier program during seat selection.
  • Hold a ticket – travelers can hold a ticket for up to 24 hours before completing the purchase.

Innovating on a global scale 

Spotnana’s modern architecture enables our team to build the deepest direct integrations with travel suppliers in record time.

The incremental coding needed to support each new airline partnership continues to decline because our microservices-based architecture allows us to build on previous integrations. I’m proud of the incredible technical work of our team and how they completed our Air France and KLM integration at an unprecedented pace.

When Spotnana builds NDC integrations with airline partners, our engineering team partners closely with the airline’s engineers to develop, test, and finalize the integration. The relationships our engineers created with the engineers at Air France and KLM laid a strong foundation and we look forward to future opportunities to innovate together.

Developing direct integrations with major airlines like Air France and KLM is integral to our vision of providing travelers with the most comprehensive global travel inventory through a modern retailing experience.