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Simplifying travel for multiple people on the same flight

July 08, 2024
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Innovation

Planning trips for multiple people who want to share the same flight often requires travel arrangers to spend a considerable amount of time creating and managing separate bookings for individual travelers.

Now Spotnana offers a better way. We’ve added new capabilities for multi-passenger air booking to Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform. 

Arrangers can now book travel for up to six employees on a single air itinerary through a simple self-service workflow using Spotnana’s desktop and mobile interfaces. 

Making multi-passenger booking a breeze

Adding travelers to a multi-passenger booking couldn’t be easier. Since Spotnana is deployed as a single global instance, there are no limitations for adding travelers from different cost centers, offices, countries of residence, or legal entities.

Corporate travel policy rules are applied to all employees on the booking, based on the policy rules present for the primary traveler, and payment can be made for all travelers using a method of the arranger’s choosing.

Spotnana's interface for adding travelers to a flight.

It’s easy to add multiple travelers to one flight.

Arrangers can use Spotnana’s extensive search and filtering functionality to see the full cost of a multi-passenger booking during search, book with preferred carriers, select the appropriate cabin class for travelers, and more. With the widest possible array of content options available, including through industry-leading NDC and direct connections, arrangers have the best flight options at their fingertips.

During the checkout process, arrangers can easily manage special requests and loyalty program information for each traveler, answer questions for data captured in custom fields, select seats, and purchase ancillary services.

Once a trip has been booked, it’s seamless to view trip details for all passengers. The new flights populate automatically on the Trips page of each traveler, and travelers receive loyalty benefits and entitlements based on the airline loyalty numbers in their Spotnana profiles.

Spotnana's interface showing multiple travelers on one flight.

It’s simple to see which travelers have been added to a flight.

Extensive support for self-service changes and cancellations

Arrangers and travelers also benefit from Spotnana’s best-in-class self-service capabilities. 

Post booking, it’s simple for arrangers to modify flight dates, times, or cities for any traveler without agent assistance. Arrangers can also add flight segments to an existing trip, cancel flight segments, add loyalty program info, or change seats for any traveler on a self-service basis.

Travelers also have full control over their trips and can make these same changes on their own.

If travelers need help, agent support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. Since Spotnana provides a single platform for travelers and agents, every Spotnana Travel Experience Agent is able to handle requests to change or cancel multi-passenger bookings with ease.

Spotnana's interface for adding travelers to a flight.

Adding or removing extra travelers on a flight is intuitive

Behind the scenes, Spotnana maintains separate PNRs or orders for each traveler depending on whether bookings occur via EDIFACT or NDC. This makes it easy to modify bookings for each traveler independently and allows each traveler to receive the loyalty benefits that align with their status. 

Later this year we plan to expand our self-service multi-passenger booking capabilities by adding the option to book multiple passengers on a single PNR or NDC order. This is beneficial for leisure trips that include companions or family members who want to sit together and share the loyalty status of a single primary traveler.

Consider Spotnana Events for meeting and event travel

If you’re looking to book travel for multiple people attending the same meeting or event, then Spotnana Events may be the best option for you. Spotnana Events empowers employees and guests to book their own travel for meetings and events of any size. 

In addition, with Spotnana Events, people from all over the world can travel to a single destination, and event planners can control which air, hotel, car, and rail options travelers can book.

Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform is incredibly flexible and designed to support the needs of the world’s most complex global enterprises.

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