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Spotnana expands partnership with Sabre to include NDC content

June 20, 2024
By Bill Brindle
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Today, I’m delighted to announce that Spotnana is expanding our partnership with Sabre by adding support for Sabre NDC to our Travel-as-a-Service platform. 

Once our integration is complete, our customers and channel partners will be able to access NDC content from an expanded set of airlines and benefit from our extensive capabilities for making servicing seamless.

Expanding access to NDC content

Spotnana empowers travelers to shop seamlessly across content sourced from Sabre, direct NDC integrations, low-cost carriers, OTAs, aggregators, and other direct connections, all within a unified shopping experience.

Our expanded partnership with Sabre aligns with our goal of providing the most comprehensive travel content to everyone who uses our travel platform.

Sabre’s NDC capabilities include personalized offers, bundled services, and other aspects of modern retailing for a growing number of airlines. Our integration will also take advantage of the NDC servicing capabilities we’ve built into Spotnana’s travel platform, including our ability to support self-service cancellations and exchanges.

Sabre is a leader in NDC adoption, and we are constantly seeking new ways to bring the benefits of this technology to the corporate travel sector. Our expanded partnership with Spotnana allows us to reach a wider audience of corporate travelers and travel management companies. By working together, we can unlock the full potential of NDC and create a more personalized travel experience for business travelers around the world.

-Kathy Morgan, Vice President, Product Management at Sabre Travel Solutions

Increasing flexibility and choice for TMCs

Through our integration, TMCs using Spotnana will gain additional flexibility and choice when it comes to how they prefer to source NDC content and manage servicing. 

We provide our open Travel-as-a-Service platform to TMCs in a neutral and unbiased way. TMCs can source NDC content from Sabre, use our direct integrations, or choose the combination that best meets their needs.

Rather than forcing TMCs down a single path, we want to provide the modern, open rails that enable each TMC to operate in the way that aligns best with their business.

Accelerating innovation in partnership with everyone

As someone who has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years, I’ve seen tremendous change. Seeing the innovation taking place around more digital retailing in the air sector is exciting, and I believe there is so much more to come.

The evolution of NDC to Offers and Orders as well as digital retailing offers tremendous potential to provide travelers with more travel options at a greater range of price points, and with better servicing experiences. 

We’re excited to partner with Sabre to bring these benefits to our customers and channel partners, and we look forward to working together on ways to deliver new NDC-enabled experiences.