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Spotnana powers travel for sustainability startup Goodwings

May 01, 2024
By Johnny Thorsen
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Today we are blessed to announce two incredible partnerships. JTB Business Travel announced a new global strategic partnership with Spotnana to deliver next-generation travel experiences to their customers. Through this partnership, we will also power travel for Goodwings, a sustainability-focused SaaS travel management system that JTB recently invested in.

I’d like to take this opportunity to elaborate on how we’re working with Goodwings and what this partnership means for the future of sustainability and travel.

Building a more sustainable future together

There’s a growing demand for sustainability within the business travel sector, and the initial focus has been on showing and tracking emissions, which is the precursor to setting subsequent emissions reduction targets guided by new “active travel policies.” According to GBTA, 64% of travel buyers track emissions from their business travel program, and this number will no doubt reach 100% within a few years.

At Spotnana, we’re passionate about helping companies and business travelers make greener travel decisions. By making carbon emission data visible throughout the booking process, we allow travelers to filter results by eco-friendly options and enable travel managers to create policies based on emission limits.

We are delighted that Goodwings has adopted Spotnana’s platform to power seamless travel experiences for businesses, with a specific focus on sustainability. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to develop the most advanced travel capabilities for companies who care deeply about managing travel-related emissions.

Providing end-to-end travel programs that promote sustainability 

Goodwings provides their customers with an end-to-end travel management service that puts sustainability first. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • Spotnana provides the platform for travel booking and management.
  • Goodwings provides the technology to help businesses reach their sustainability goals.
  • JTB Business Travel provides the servicing components for a streamlined travel experience.

Through our partnership, businesses can book and manage all their travel while actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint using advanced AI technology, behavior-oriented reduction strategies, and by purchasing verified Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 

Goodwings’ travel management system includes a number of key features that help businesses take action to reduce their travel emissions, including an AI-enabled Travel Companion that helps travelers build low-emission travel itineraries covering everything from responsible transport options to sustainable restaurant suggestions. It also creates detailed dashboards for each traveler and the entire company to increase accountability and fast-track progress toward climate goals. To fulfill emission reporting and transparency requirements, Goodwings also provides accurate, real-time digital evidence on current and projected emissions amounts.

Enabling equitable and responsible business travel 

Unlike the traditional approach of implementing a CO2 emission calculator in the search and booking process, the Goodwings solution provides an entirely new approach to responsible travel behavior. 

Travelers are still presented with basic CO2 emission information during the booking process, but the real magic happens after the booking data is transferred in real time from Spotnana to Goodwings. That’s where the detailed carbon calculations are captured for tracking and subsequent action.

By offering this concept as a fully managed solution, Goodwings is making it possible for small- and medium-sized businesses to implement and manage responsible travel programs that were once only available for large corporations with dedicated resources allocated to broader ESG initiatives.

What this means for Spotnana

While Spotnana continues to develop and enhance the sustainable travel capabilities available in our Travel-as-a-Service platform, the Goodwings integration is a perfect example of how the ecosystem of solutions built on top of Sponana’s open, embeddable, API-first platform continues to grow.

Goodwings is consuming its booking data via our open API, which is designed to share booking data in real-time with any relevant third-party solution. As the demand for more responsible travel solutions continues to increase, other Spotnana customers could potentially sign up for the Goodwings services because the underlying travel platform is the same.

At the same time, Goodwings customers will benefit from our ongoing innovation, including any future developments related to sustainable travel policies. Currently, we provide a rule that enables a customer to define the maximum amount of CO2 emissions per flown kilometer as part of the travel policy. We plan to add several other advanced sustainable travel policy rules to manage complex requirements such as multimodal search, no-fly zones, CO2 versus price tolerance, and an internal carbon tax. 

Our partnership with Goodwings will provide Spotnana with a customer base that is passionate about developing and deploying these new and advanced sustainability features. I couldn’t be more excited to explore these opportunities with Goodwings and JTB Business Travel.

Finally, this is an excellent example of the vision our Founder and CEO Sarosh Waghmar shared with me back in 2018 when we had our first conversation about the need for a new technology platform in the travel industry. How can we make it possible for new solution providers to launch their services quickly?

The answer is Spotnana’s cloud-native Travel-as-a-Service platform. Welcome on board, Goodwings!