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Spotnana welcomes Joyce Pflaumer: new Strategic Customer Success Manager

April 15, 2024
By Gus Torrey
Categories Life at Spotnana

We are thrilled that Joyce Pflaumer has joined our team as a Strategic Customer Success Manager! Joyce brings a distinctive blend of skills and insights to Spotnana from her 15+ years of experience in the travel and technology industries.

During her professional journey, she has held prominent roles at renowned companies including CWT, Airbnb, and Meta. Her diverse expertise includes leading negotiations with global suppliers, pioneering new travel product offerings, and addressing complex technical challenges. 

Joyce shared her views on corporate travel, why she was excited to join Spotnana last month, and how she plans to build and maintain successful relationships with our growing list of Fortune 100 customers.

Why did you decide to join Spotnana?

I started exploring Spotnana last year, mainly because I was interested in the buzz around this great new travel tech company. 

After talking with Founder and CEO Sarosh Waghmar and Head of Customer Experience Operations and Strategy Cynthia Beldner, I knew there was something really special about this place. I walked away from our first interactions feeling confident in the company’s talent as well as its determination to bring much-needed innovation to an industry ripe for disruption.

Ultimately, what drew me to Spotnana was Sarosh’s vision and steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the entire travel experience. Spotnana’s goal is to build a travel platform that delivers delightful and intuitive experiences for travelers, corporations, and a wide variety of channel partners around the world.

Joining Spotnana presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with a passionate team dedicated to shaping the future of travel. I am excited to immerse myself in a dynamic environment, where I can contribute my travel and technology expertise to accomplishing our mission. 

What mindset are you bringing to the role of Strategic Customer Success Manager? 

As a Strategic Customer Success Manager, I’m devoted to understanding the objectives and challenges of the large global enterprises we serve as well as crafting strategies that help them achieve their goals.

Executing these strategies requires the involvement of a much larger group. That’s why I work closely with a variety of cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, and travel operations. My focus as a CSM is to ensure that everyone is aligned and moving towards the same goal, delivering holistic solutions that simultaneously solve immediate needs and deliver long-term value for our customers.

How does Spotnana reflect your values? 

Spotnana combines two of my passions: travel and bringing people together. In-person interactions are absolutely essential for building meaningful personal and professional relationships.This is why companies rely on travel to build stronger teams and deeper connections with their customers. 

It’s exciting to be part of an organization that is powering a new generation of travel experiences and driving innovation at an unprecedented pace. 

I have found Spotnana’s culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning to be incredibly rewarding. The dedication of our diverse team to meeting and exceeding customer expectations is both energizing and inspiring. 

We’re happy to have you on board, Joyce!

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