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Why Spotnana believes in Travel-as-a-Service

February 06, 2024
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Innovation

Travel is a human emotion, and it is our goal to build the platform connecting humanity through the world’s best travel experiences. 

That’s why we built Spotnana around seven core beliefs and principles that undergird our next-generation Travel-as-a-Service platform.

You can download our manifesto here and read through how we are translating our beliefs into improvements for our customers by reimagining travel.

The best content wins

A win for travelers is a win for us.

Consumers want a travel shopping experience that’s as easy to use and intuitive as their favorite e-commerce site. Low prices, easy returns, and comprehensive comparison shopping builds trust and provides an exceptional experience to users.

At Spotnana, we provide unparalleled travel experiences by providing access to the widest available range of travel inventory at competitive prices.

We’ve built the deepest direct New Distribution Capability (NDC) integrations with American Airlines, United Airlines, and Lufthansa Group carriers along with a direct connection to Southwest Airlines.

Our strong connections with Expedia and bring global hotel content to our travelers.

Our unrivaled rail connectivity provides Amtrak trips in the U.S. and Canada, while our deep integration with Trainline provides comprehensive support for rail bookings across the UK and Europe.

For low-cost carrier content, we connect to aggregators like Travelfusion to ensure travelers have access to everything they need.

Our global content provides the widest array of travel options at the best possible price, making life easy for business travelers who are used to shopping around.

Trust is the foundation for everything

In corporate travel, trust is everything. Travelers need to believe they are getting the best prices on the widest range of options, or they will shop on consumer sites and ignore corporate travel policy.

Spotnana doesn’t accept incentives from Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), which led to many online booking tools (OBTs) and travel management companies (TMCs) pushing travelers biased results in order to earn more commission revenue. Our incentives are aligned properly with travelers having the best experience.

We don’t participate in display bias, and we believe trust is built with travelers when they can see all available booking options. We allow travel managers, for instance, to show but do not allow bookings for options outside of policy, so travelers don’t shop around. We also let travelers see all out of policy options, giving them a full picture of the available content for their search.

We even show both NDC- and EDIFACT-based content in one display, deduplicated to show only the best prices. Travelers trust they get the best options when they use Spotnana.

Empower everyone to help themselves

It’s not enough to provide travelers with the widest selection of travel options. Travelers need to be able to make self-service changes to their trips, and travel managers need the ability to set policy rules, create legal entities, manage suppliers, configure custom fields, and more – all without contacting a TMC for assistance.

Travelers using Spotnana can make self-service changes and cancellations using our OBT or Mobile App. It’s simple for them to adjust their trips while staying within the rules of their company’s travel program.

Travel managers can set granular policy options for their program, dialing into different rules for select travel types while allowing for leeway with dynamic lowest logical fare settings.

Administrators also have access to a powerful analytics dashboard with the ability to export all the data from their travel program to analyze traveler behavior however they prefer.

When travelers and travel managers help themselves, great things happen.

Make servicing easy for everyone

Even when travelers can make their own changes to trips, they may need help from travel agents to work out complex itineraries and solve for travel disruptions.

In addition to self-service exchanges and cancellations, Spotnana travelers have access to 24/7 agent service via chat, phone, and email.

Spotnana puts travelers and travel managers on the same platform as our agents, so all traveler and trip information is in one place. Our integrated approach lets agents solve problems quickly and efficiently, increasing traveler satisfaction in the process.

Build for global scale

Another benefit of Spotnana’s fully global technology platform is a unified global instance for every corporate customer. 

Most global corporate travel programs are pieced together from a patchwork of individual travel agencies that operate in each country. This approach leads to fragmented data, the inability of agents to service travelers who booked with a partner agency, and limited content availability across a program.

Our approach brings global content, global shopping, our global travel operations team, local invoices, localized user interfaces, and global data insights to our customers. Travelers get the best options with full serviceability, while travel managers have full access to all global trips and data on trends across their entire travel program.

Redefine the art of the possible

Spotnana’s modern approach to technology redefines what is possible in travel with a platform that is built from the ground up to power a new generation of travel experiences.

Our Content Engine works seamlessly with any content source, and we are rapidly building direct integrations to the airlines that represent 90% of global bookings. Wherever possible we are first to market with the latest innovations airlines deliver through their APIs.

We are shattering preconceived expectations about how often travelers need to contact agents for assistance by delivering industry leading capabilities for self-service management of exchanges, cancellations, and redemption of unused ticket credits. 

Our modern tech stack and microservices-based architecture enable us to innovate at an unprecedented pace, enabling us to respond rapidly to customer requests for new capabilities.

Build longer tables, not higher walls

It’s important for us to collaborate with stakeholders across travel in order to build a better industry where everyone wins. 

This has major benefits for corporate travel programs, as our powerful integrations help provide unparalleled travel experiences. 

We also designed our platform to be open, so others can embed, white label, and deeply integrate our technology into their product offerings. This makes it possible for us to offer our technology through partner TMCs, technology providers like Brex and Center, and suppliers like Qantas.

Our customers benefit tremendously from the collective insights we generate by working closely with such a diverse set of partners.

Travel reimagined

To learn more about how our values are driving change in travel, and can transform your travel program, download our manifesto today.