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FAQs for leisure travel companies

Learn how Spotnana helps you accelerate innovation and reduce costs.
  • What are the key benefits for a leisure travel company to work with Spotnana?

    Spotana can work with leisure travel companies in multiple ways. Through our modern platform we can power a next-generation online booking portal with any combination of air, hotel, car, and rail bookings that uses content from any source. Key benefits of working with Spotnana include:

    • Reduced development costs – we offer a complete travel platform that is designed to be white labeled and deeply integrated with your systems, eliminating the need to build and maintain your own solution.
    • Reduced operating costs – we eliminate the need for a mid-office and greatly reduce the need for in-house technology staff. Our platform also includes an Agent Desktop that enables any agent to service any traveler from any location, significantly reducing the need to staff agents in remote locations around the globe.
    • Deep direct NDC integrations with top suppliers – our integrations address the entire traveler journey including booking, self-service changes and cancellations, unused ticket management, comprehensive servicing, and real-time global analytics.
    • Improved traveler experiences – we provide a modern online booking experience and mobile app that enables travelers to manage trip changes and cancellations on their own.
    • Future-proof solution – we are constantly innovating at a rapid pace, providing our partners with a steady stream of new features and greater value over time.
  • What are Spotnana’s key differentiators for leisure travel companies?

    Here’s a short summary of some of the elements that set us apart:

    • Modern infrastructure – Spotnana has developed a new, modern infrastructure for travel that supports rapid innovation and superior travel experiences.
    • Widest range of content sources – we provide the most comprehensive access to air, hotel, car, and rail inventory at competitive prices. In addition, we have developed the deepest direct integrations to top airlines.
    • Self-service changes and cancellations – our platform provides the most automation around complex travel use cases, empowering travelers to modify trips without costly agent support.
    • Flexible payment methods – we support payment by points, credit card, or a mixture of the two, and we can integrate with your loyalty system.
    • Unused ticket management – we deliver the most comprehensive support for managing and redeeming unused ticket credits.
    • Single platform for travelers and agents – agents using Spotnana have access to the same content, profiles, and negotiated rates as the travelers they serve, enabling personalized service and rapid issue resolution. In addition, our architecture enables any agent to service any traveler from any location, which reduces operating costs.
    • Open platform with flexible white labeling options – Spotnana was designed from the ground up to be integrated and white labeled.
    • Global platform – our platform supports global content, global servicing, global currencies, and is localized in major languages.
    • Proven success model – our teams work cross functionally to ensure every part of your organization is set up for success.


  • How does Spotnana support white labeling?

    Spotnana offers a range of flexible white labeling options including tools to manage logos, fonts, and colors.

    We also offer embeddable UI components and can do a full iFrame of our application. Lastly, we have an API-first architecture, which enables our partners to build an entirely custom user interface if they wish to.

    Most partners choose a mixture of these options in order to benefit from both a customized user experience and rapid time to market.

  • How long does it take to implement Spotnana as a white labeled online booking portal?

    Most portals can be deployed in a few months depending on requirements.

  • What can I do with Spotnana’s APIs?

    Spotnana offers a comprehensive set of travel APIs that fall into several categories, including:

    • Booking trips – enables searching for travel options and booking flights, hotels, cars, and rail tickets.
    • Managing trips – provides access to trip data and supports exchanges, modifications, and cancellations.
    • Payments – manages payment methods, invoicing, and payment processing.
    • Analytics enables Spotnana to ingest and export data for reporting purposes.

    The easiest way to understand the capabilities of our APIs is to explore our API documentation

  • Can I choose to only use Spotnana’s content?

    While this is technically feasible, we do not support this use case at this time. We require you to use our full platform for booking and servicing.

  • Can I integrate my proprietary content sources?

    Yes, our Content Engine is designed to support content from any source.

  • How does Spotnana manage product releases?

    We release new features to you in a testing environment for a specified amount of time before they go live. In addition, we provide you with regular updates on our roadmap. Where needed, we can disable features for you via feature flags.

  • How does Spotnana address servicing?

    We will train your agents on how to use our Agent Desktop.

    In addition, we can connect you with TMCs interested in using Spotnana to service your customers.

  • How does Spotnana address technical support?

    We train your Level 1 technical support team and provide Level 2 and Level 3 technical support.

  • Can Spotnana support travel bookings in any country?

    Yes – travelers can book trips to any country through our platform.

  • What payment methods does Spotnana support?

    We support all major credit cards. If you offer your own credit card, we support payment with points, credit cards, or a combination of the two.

  • What integrations has Spotnana built?

    A summary of our other current integrations is available here. Since our platform is open, we can likely integrate other technologies that have an API, depending on your needs.

  • How does the commercial model work?

    Please contact us to discuss.

  • How does pricing work?

    We charge a trip-based booking fee at a price point that supports partner markups and a servicing fee if we provide agent support. Partners have the flexibility to set their own price points and pricing structure. Additional details can be discussed with our partner sales team.

  • How does Spotnana train my travel agents?

    We provide training materials and an instructor to train your agents.

  • How does Spotnana ensure we maintain alignment across our businesses?

    Prior to signing an agreement, our executives will ensure that we are aligned on your strategic goals, preferred operating model, and technical requirements. Spotnana will also assign a Partner Success Manager, who will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure we are supporting you effectively and will set up periodic business reviews to maintain executive alignment.