Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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On-Demand Webinars
60 minutes

How to fix broken traveler experiences that drive up costs

Make travel simpler, easier to manage, and more affordable for your organization.

For too long, broken elements of the traveler experience have made life difficult for both corporate travelers and travel managers.

Learn about the root causes of the issues that routinely fill a travel manager’s inbox and the changes to travel technology that are rapidly making travel simpler, easier to manage, and more affordable for corporations of all sizes.

Join us as we share how you could save travelers valuable time, encourage bookings inside of approved corporate tools, and foster compliance with travel policies.

Watch the webinar on-demand to discover how to:

  • Reduce corporate travel costs
  • Simplify travel management
  • Save and maximize travelers’ time
  • Encourage bookings inside approved tools
  • Improve travel policy compliance


Headshot of Johnny Thorsen, VP of Partnerships for Spotnana
Johnny Thorsen VP of Partnerships, Spotnana
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