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60 minutes

How travel managers will succeed in 2023

Managed travel programs have evolved along with the role of the travel manager. New research from GBTA in partnership with Spotnana reveals the trends that will define success in corporate travel.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • What are travel manager expectations overall for 2023 and beyond? When will different types of business travel resume and in what order?

  • What are the top priorities for travel management programs and how do those priorities align with the C-Suite’s goals? What components of their travel program do travel managers spend the most amount of time on and what are the biggest pain points they face.

  • How have sustainability and carbon emissions tracking impacted travel programs and what does it mean for corporate travel at large?

Listen to Johnny Thorsen, VP Partnerships at Spotnana, and Chris Ely, GBTA’s Research Director, for insights into what 2023 looks like for travel managers and how they are preparing for the future.


Headshot of Research Director, GBTA, Chris Ely
Chris Ely Research Director, GBTA
Headshot of Johnny Thorsen, VP of Partnerships for Spotnana
Johnny Thorsen VP of Partnerships, Spotnana
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