Spotnana to distribute low-cost carrier content to corporate travelers via Kyte API
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Saving on airline and hotel costs and launching seamlessly

  • 9% Savings on air costs
  • 4-5% Savings on hotel costs

With more than 5,000 employees located around the world, Qualtrics offers cloud-native experience management technology that enables organizations to identify and resolve the greatest friction points in their business, retain and engage top talent, and bring the right products and services to market.

Prior to working with Spotnana, Qualtrics had been relying on multiple TMCs and providers of online booking tools to address their global travel needs. 

Qualtrics chose Spotnana in order to simplify program administration, improve traveler satisfaction, and lower overall travel costs.

Reducing the cost of travel

When Qualtrics decided in 2023 to choose a new travel platform, cost savings, value, and efficiency were the top considerations. 

With the increase in GDS surcharges caused by airlines driving adoption of NDC, Qualtrics realized that cost savings would come more from NDC content access than a TMC’s negotiated rates. 

An analysis determined that Spotnana reduced overall airline costs by 9% and hotel costs by 4-5% versus other vendors, and that Spotnana was less expensive than existing booking tools on 71% of flights and 63% of key hotels across the options reviewed.

Elevating traveler experiences

In addition to cost savings, user experience factored heavily in the Qualtrics selection process for a new travel platform. Evaluators were asked to review technical capabilities, user experience, ease of use, and the experience of interacting with agents.

Comments from travelers evaluating Spotnana included:

The user experience is way better with Spotnana – through the website, app, chat, and phone. I’ve also found that Spotnana’s prices are often LESS (if not the same) than what I find on hotel and airline websites.

It’s so easy to use, I am so happy that the customer support team is SO responsive and helpful. I love the flexibility of the platform.

The Spotnana interface is just so much cleaner and easier to use. I’ve booked multiple trips, all of which needed changes on either flights and/or hotels, and it was super easy to make the change.

The team evaluating Spotnana also discussed how Spotnana’s ability to integrate content from multiple sources, allow self-service trip changes, and deliver rapid assistance via chat support improved traveler satisfaction. 

Simplifying travel management

Since Spotnana is deployed as a single, global instance, Qualtrics is able to manage their entire program with much less effort. The deployment process was where this first became visible.

The team reported that requirements were delivered on schedule including the data feed from the Qualtrics HR system. The initial launch to 3500 employees went smoothly, and the team received proactive positive feedback. 

Through Spotnana, analytics on global travel activity are also available in real time with no need for data integration. For all employees around the world, Qualtrics can also manage all policies, suppliers, negotiated rates, custom fields, and more through a single admin console. 

Post launch, Qualtrics has collaborated with Spotnana on product development initiatives, helping to shape requirements for new features.

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