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How to Save on Corporate Travel Management Fees

July 25, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

When shopping for a travel management company, it’s essential to pay close attention to how fees are structured. Traditional travel management companies typically have a complex menu of fees with dozens or hundreds of surcharges based on the type of travel purchased, the channel through which a customer service is contacted, and more.

It’s often when a traveler most needs help that assistance may result in hundreds of dollars in fees. The more complex a trip, the more likely a variety of fees will be charged.

Fee structure also varies by country. Transactions made in countries without an online booking tool can cost double or triple what they cost in countries with online booking enabled. Changes made to a trip can end up being more expensive than the trip itself, particularly in an era of unprecedented travel disruptions.

Aside from the menu of surcharges, companies can expect to be charged implementation and maintenance fees for each market included in their program regardless of the types of service actually provided to travelers. Travel management companies use the concept of agent touches to charge extra any time a traveler contacts them or they have to modify a trip. Fees for these touches can also be charged due to things going wrong on the agency backend.

At Spotnana, we believe that pricing in corporate travel should be simple and aligned with the goals of your travel program. For a simple flat fee per trip, we provide service regardless of where someone is based, the type of trip they’re going on, or the number of times they need to reach out for assistance.

Let’s look at the additional costs associated with a trip on Spotnana when compared to a traditional travel management company:

Fees With Spotnana Traditional TMC
Air Booking Fee Included $35
Hotel Booking Fee Included $20
Change Fee Included $50
Agent Touch Fee Included $30
Emergency Contact Fee Included $45 / contact
Total Contact Us $180

Our global Travel-as-a-Service Platform lets your administrators create detailed and dynamic policies that limit costs while providing a quality experience to travelers. With real-time insights into traveler behavior, you can track spending as it happens and create effective guardrails to stay inside your budget.

When your travelers do need the help of a travel agent, our global team is available 24/7 to help them wherever they are.

Travelers can use our online booking tool on their computer, the Spotnana app on Apple and Android phones, or book trips by email or phone. There’s no difference in pricing based on the channel travelers use to book trips or receive service.

This is just one of the many ways Spotnana can help you lower your travel costs. Read our eBook to learn more.

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