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Making Business Travel Support Simple

November 09, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

When you manage travel for a company, it’s essential that your travelers have access to the best service to help plan trips and navigate travel disruptions.

Unfortunately, many corporations and suppliers make this difficult by forcing travelers to call and wait on hold when they have a question or issue with their trip. Trip disruptions and confusion are a major source of stress for business travelers, and they are typically unable to make the changes they need using traditional online booking tools.

Disruptions are also costly for your business, as traditional travel management companies charge extra for service that should be included with each trip.

But there is a better solution. By using a modern business travel platform like Spotnana, you can get the support you need when traveling without having to wait on the phone or deal with unnecessary expenses.

Here are three ways to make business travel support simple for your corporate travel program:

Empower business travelers to make self-service changes

One of the best ways to reduce travel costs and keep travelers supported is to let them make changes and bookings on their own, without having to call or wait for support.

With a traditional travel management company, bookings tend to only be serviceable on the same channel through which they are booked. If a traveler calls an agent to book a flight, for instance, they won’t be able to adjust their flight on their mobile app, if they have one.

After one bad experience, travelers are likely to book outside their business travel program altogether.

Travelers can make changes themselves, however, using Spotnana’s modern travel platform with powerful features that enable users to change their itinerary without intervention from agents and cancel elements of a trip as they see fit.

Travelers using Spotnana can change and cancel travel plans on mobile, making it easy to adjust an itinerary.

Business travelers, travel managers, and travel agents all work inside one global cloud-based platform when they use Spotnana. This means that travelers can make changes to their trips from our online booking tool and mobile app regardless of how the trip was booked.

This gives business travelers the power to make the changes they need simply and efficiently, without having to rely on travel agents to make changes.

Provide the same features on mobile and desktop

Another key to making business travel support simple is ensuring that your platform can be used seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices.

As many business travelers are constantly on the go, it’s important to have a platform that works equally well on all devices so users they can make changes or book new trips while they’re traveling. They shouldn’t have to spend time on the phone or wait for an agent to get back to them.

Spotnana’s mobile app and online booking tool have feature parity, so travelers can make changes to trips and receive agent support on whichever channel they prefer.

With real-time notifications and email alerts, as well, travelers can rest assured that they will never miss a change or be left in the dark when something goes wrong on their trip.

By providing travelers with a consistent experience across multiple devices and channels, receiving service from an agent or making changes to a trip becomes simple.

24/7 access to agents via chat, phone, and email 

Finally, your business travel platform must offer 24/7 access to agents via a variety of channels to truly make travel support simple. 

Whether travelers need help with a booking or have a last-minute change to their itinerary, they should be able to get the support they need from friendly and knowledgeable agents who are available at all times.

Travelers need the ability to chat with an agent through your mobile or desktop app when you’re on the go, as well as being able to call or email them any time of day or night.

This also streamlines complex requests and complicated itineraries, giving business travelers a trusted advisor when things get complicated.

Travelers have one-tap access to travel agents from their mobile devices.

Combined with the ability to make self-service changes on the go and receive real-time notifications for trip disruptions, this ensures that travelers always have access to the support they need.

At Spotnana, we’re committed to making travel support simple for our customers by providing a platform that gives business travelers the tools and resources they need to make changes on their own and get help from agents whenever they need it.

By providing a more seamless service experience for travelers, you can reduce the impact of travel disruptions and boost business travel support.

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