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Spotnana welcomes Shilpi Narang as VP of Customer Experience

February 05, 2024
By Savannah Lee
Categories Life at Spotnana

One of Spotnana’s core values is obsessed with customer needs. We care deeply about our customers, actively listen to their needs, and strive daily to earn their trust by exceeding their expectations. This takes tremendous leadership, focus, and cross-functional execution. So we are excited to welcome Shilpi Narang as Vice President of Customer Experience, a new role overseeing our customer success and travel operations organizations.  

With over 20 years of experience in customer-centric leadership roles, Shilpi is known for delivering customer-driven revenue growth, driving operational effectiveness, and building high-performance organizations that scale. In her most recent role as the Chief Customer Officer at Bolt, she led the global customer success, support, professional services, and risk operations teams. Previously she held customer-facing leadership roles at  Meta, SugarCRM, and Gartner.

We spoke to Shilpi about her customer success philosophy, why she joined Spotnana, and what she’s looking forward to the most in this new role.

What is unique about your approach to customer success?

I love working closely with customers and building strong relationships. While customer success teams are responsible and accountable for helping customers achieve their goals, it really takes the whole company. I view customer success as a cross-functional and collaborative discipline in which my teams and I work closely with R&D, product, sales, marketing, finance, and others to ensure our customers receive the highest possible value from everything we offer.

Customer success starts in the sales cycle. I advocate for my teams to get involved in the pre-sales process to ensure prospects are cared for from the beginning. A standout customer success team knows what matters to customers and what drives impact for the company. While the nature of customer success is to help customers onboard smoothly and realize tangible business value by using the product, our objective is to make that entire experience intuitive, effortless, and delightful. So we continuously relay customer feedback to the product, R&D, and operational teams to drive improvements.

Why did you decide to join Spotnana?

There are three key reasons why I decided to join Spotnana. The first is a deep personal connection to the company’s mission. I have been a frequent traveler at past companies because I believe in the power of in-person collaboration. Outside of work, I love to travel and explore the globe. Spotnana’s mission is to rebuild the infrastructure for the travel industry in order to bring freedom, simplicity, and trust to travelers everywhere. We are building a platform that connects humanity. Getting to work at a company that combines my professional and personal passions is special! 

Spotnana’s mission is also resonating with customers and partners. Spotnana is doing something game-changing in the travel industry and has already gained significant traction with Fortune 100 companies. Once I wrapped my mind around Spotnana’s technology and business strategy, I realized it has the potential to drive large-scale positive change. Throughout my career, I’ve found that working at companies with a world-class product like Spotnana is motivating and rewarding. Spotnana is truly disrupting an industry and I’m thrilled to have the chance to contribute to its success.

Finally, there is a tremendous opportunity to make a meaningful impact in this leadership role. I enjoy learning new industries, understanding customers’ needs and wants, and inspiring team members to deliver strong customer outcomes. Spotnana’s leaders have tremendous travel industry experience and deep knowledge of what it takes to deliver innovation for our customers, and I’m honored to be joining a team of passionate, driven, thoughtful, and customer-centric leaders. I am looking forward to working closely with Spotnana customers and investing in my team’s professional growth and success.

What are you most excited about in this new role leading customer success and travel operations at Spotnana?

Spotnana is at a pivotal point in its growth. Spotnana’s CEO Sarosh said in a recent blog post that 2024 is the year of unprecedented opportunities and I agree. We already have strong customer success and travel operations teams in place, and I’m excited to get to know everyone and identify opportunities to grow together. 

For instance, there is great synergy between the customer success and travel operations teams, and we will double down on this front. Travel operations interfaces with our end users – travelers – to provide assistance with bookings, trip changes, or cancellations. There is a compelling opportunity for the customer success and travel operations teams to collaborate even further and work in lockstep to deliver a world-class customer journey strategically.

We are working with several Fortune 100 customers right now. As we onboard these customers and deliver on our mission, we know our customer base will rapidly expand. I’m delighted to participate in this year of immense growth and join a team that is so focused on delivering every single day for the customers we serve.