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Exceeding the expectations of today’s corporate travelers

  • 100% in policy compliance for hotels
  • 99.4% online booking rates
  • 4.8/5 user satisfaction

Brex makes it easy for founders, finance teams, and employees at thousands of companies to spend smart and grow fast by offering payments, cards, capital, and spend management all in one place.

They care deeply about the user experience of their products, and this thinking influenced their selection of Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform for their employees.

“The polish and sophistication of Spotnana’s online booking tool has enabled us to achieve 99.4% online booking rates. No one books on external sites anymore,” said Paige Evanich, Senior Manager of Employee Experience at Brex.

Employees at Brex rate Spotnana’s booking experience 4.8 out of 5, according to Evanich. Key reasons for this high rating include Spotnana’s comprehensive travel inventory, the ability to easily compare fares side-by-side, and Spotnana’s elegant approach to managing itineraries.

Evanich compares Spotnana’s travel inventory against other sources from time to time in order to ensure that her employees are receiving the best possible deals. “One of our employees told me that Spotnana is the first online booking tool they’ve used that has the ability to book a tiny local commuter flight in Canada they need to get home.”

Bringing everyone together seamlessly

Brex hosts an annual company event focused on strengthening employee connections and creating excitement for the year to come. They decided that it was time to replace their current travel solution with a partner they could rely on to get everyone to the event with minimal effort.

“Spotnana made it simple and easy for us to get over 900 people from 10 countries to Denver on the same day,” said Evanich. “We were able to deploy Spotnana in less than three weeks, including employee onboarding.”

Key to a successful implementation was integrating Spotnana with Workday, Brex’s HR management system. This integration ensures approval workflows are accurate and new hires can be quickly onboarded when they join.

Another essential part of the solution in Evanich’s eyes is the high quality of the service provided by Spotnana’s travel management company.

“We had a few employees that were stranded in Miami due to canceled flights,” said Evanich. “Spotnana’s agents were more helpful than the airlines. Everyone was rebooked in 20 minutes, which eliminated the need to spend three hours waiting in line. Spotnana then went the extra mile to ensure there were no additional issues with the rebooked flights.”

Unlocking insights for smarter policy management

As Brex’s travel manager, Evanich appreciates how Spotnana makes her job easier. Policies, for example, are simple to configure and can be easily updated based on new insights.

“We redesigned our travel policy at the same time we deployed Spotnana,” said Evanich. “Since then, travel costs have increased quite a bit. The data we see on in-policy bookings helps us determine when our policies may need to be adjusted. We’ve achieved 100% in-policy bookings for hotels. Now we’re looking at how we can drive employees to book airline fares farther in advance.”

Evanich feels the future is bright with Spotnana as the corporate travel industry continues to recover. “We’re looking forward to growing with you,” said Evanich. “We love how you’ve grown with us.”

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