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  • NDC survival guide for travel managers

The NDC survival guide

New Distribution Capability (NDC) plays a vital role in modern travel management. Here are the facts about NDC that you need to make your travel program successful this year and beyond.

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Why NDC is the future of travel retailing

Give your travelers access to the widest array of flight choices and personalized travel experiences.

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    What is NDC (New Distribution Capability)?

    New Distribution Capability provides direct access for your business travelers to content, inventory, and ancillaries from global airlines. Start with this section if you are new to the industry or need a quick refresher.

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    Why are airlines embracing NDC?

    Airlines want to provide greater access to content and personalized travel offerings to business travelers inside of their corporate booking tools. Here’s why your travel program will improve by incorporating NDC-enabled travel technology.

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    NDC brings self-service to business travel

    Full NDC connectivity brings business travelers self-service changes, cancellations, and exchanges inside their Online Booking Tool. This promotes enhanced flexibility and transparency for your travel program.

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Get full NDC support

Spotnana’s modern, cloud-based architecture provides both the widest array of content from airlines and full self-service capabilities for travelers inside our Travel-as-a-Service Platform. Our deep connections allow for personalization, real-time analytics, and unparalleled traveler experiences.

AA’s Deepest NDC Integration

Spotnana brings travelers American’s diverse suite of products and services that are exclusively available through NDC and direct channels including elevated offers like Main Plus and Flagship® Business Plus™, personalized travel offerings, and one-click AAdvantage enrollment. Watch a demo in the video below.

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