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Making Travel Management Easy

November 02, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

If you’re managing business travel for your company, you know how challenging it can be to triage the constant stream of requests it takes to support your travelers.

From the piles of paperwork to the endless emails back and forth with employees, administrative tasks take up a huge chunk of your time. On top of that, you are responsible for ensuring that your corporate travel policy is enforced effectively across your workforce, which is a massive task in today’s global world.

What if you had a powerful platform that could help you maximize your effectiveness and provide a seamless, hassle-free travel experience for all your employees?

Here are three tips to make corporate travel easier with Spotnana’s modern technology:

Manage global policies with ease

If you are managing travel for employees either based globally or traveling around the world, managing your policy in a cohesive and effective way is a major challenge. Different offices have distinct travel needs and policy regulations, which are time consuming to update and enforce as changes are needed.

With a cloud-based platform like Spotnana, you can easily set up travel policy rules that apply globally to all your employees and adapt them as needed. This way, you can manage business travel processes with ease and maintain consistency across the board. Plus, you’ll be able to provide better experiences for your business travelers within the structure of your policy.

Spotnana’s cloud-based platform allows all your global employees to be served through one software instance, allowing you to set and tweak policy rules from one online dashboard. You can easily set up and manage dynamic travel policies for your business travelers based on offices, company departments, and more.

Spotnana’s policy engine allows granular control over your travel policy with an easy-to-use interface.

Spotnana’s policy engine allows granular control over your travel policy with an easy-to-use interface.

This allows you to streamline decision making processes, as well as quickly update policies according to changing regulations. And best of all, Spotnana can help ensure that your employees can adjust their trips with self-service tools, reducing the need for you to intervene when trips are disrupted.

Ensure traveler safety

With travelers around the world hitting the road, it’s hard to know where they are at all times. This can lead to a mess when trying to track down a traveler who can’t be reached when something dangerous happens.

By having all your global offices on one platform, you will be able to track your employees in real time and access historical data on where your travelers have been.

The Spotnana platform comes with state-of-the-art travel monitoring tools, so you can easily track your employees’ locations and ensure their safety. Our live map allows you to quickly see where employees are in the world and contact them with one-click.

Spotnana’s Live Map feature allows travel managers to find travelers wherever they are in the world and contact them if needed.

Spotnana’s Live Map feature allows travel managers to find and contact travelers.

You can also easily view the history of where employees have traveled in the past, which is important in the age of Covid-19.

Spotnana’s feature set helps ensure the safety of your employees and lets you quickly intervene if any issues come up during their travels. We can integrate with any third-party duty of care provider your program uses, as well.

Gain real-time insight into travel spend

Tracking and reporting on your organization’s travel spend can be a challenge.

You are often reliant on the information your employees enter into expense reports, which can lead to inaccuracies and a lack of visibility. Likewise, if you have offices using different corporate travel providers, there’s no real-time source of truth for global travel spending information at your fingertips.

Having spending information available also allows you to negotiate fares and rates for your travelers, increasing the quality of their business travel experiences.

With Spotnana, you can easily monitor and analyze your travel spend in real time. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to quickly understand what’s going on with your travelers’ spend and makes it simple to adjust policy rules. We also support any custom data fields your program may need, simplifying data reporting and KPI tracking.

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