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Business Travel Booking That Works for Everyone

May 26, 2022
By Andrew Sheivachman
Categories Travel Management

Business travelers are used to shopping around. They suspect that whatever platform they’re supposed to use doesn’t have the best inventory and pricing; usually, they’re right.

Nearly half of visits to travel sites come from mobile devices, according to Google, as travelers search out the best deals that match their needs.

“Seventy-two percent of travelers with smartphones agree that when researching on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the travel company providing the information,” writes Google. “In other words, they’re more loyal to their need than to any particular brand.”

Business travelers learn their booking habits from their leisure travel experiences, where shopping around is essential to finding the cheapest and best travel options.

If your travel program is based around the idea that your travelers will search and book business trips using a clunky booking tool that only works well on a computer, it’s time to consider a different approach.

Travelers need to be able to shop, book, and get service however they prefer. Some travelers like to sit down at their computer and search, others like to explore their options on their phone while on the go. A one-size-fits-all approach to travel doesn’t work for people’s different preferences.

Is your travel program being held back by old technology, complex booking tools, or a bad user experience for business travelers? If so, it’s time for a change.

Spotnana lets travelers research and book their trips however they want. We’re built on new technology, providing a single end-to-end platform for global travel management.

Mobile, Desktop, Anywhere

Spotnana gives your travelers an unparalleled experience by tackling the hardest technology challenges in travel.

Our platform is unified with one UI/UX for travelers, administrators, and our travel agents. Travelers have access to the same unbiased travel content and personalized travel offers whether they book online with a browser, on our mobile app, or with an agent via chat, phone call, or email.

This provides an enhanced experience for travelers since users can search, book, and tweak trips from any device. Spotnana agents can see the same thing a user sees, as well, allowing for an unprecedented level of real-time personal support.

Gone are the days of spending an hour on hold to make a simple change; travelers have the ability to change flight bookings right on their device, or chat directly with an agent who can quickly make complex changes to a trip.

This seamless experience was not possible in the past due to the dated legacy infrastructure that governed travel booking and service, with different tech stacks for different booking channels.

Omnichannel corporate travel booking also has a major impact on how a travel program can be designed and improved over time.

Since all channels are integrated, your corporate travel policy is applied however a traveler books.

In the past, policy was not always applied consistently across an online booking tool and agents who made a booking over the phone or via email requests. This ensures your travelers have the support they need while staying inside your recommended policy.

Beyond ensuring that travelers adhere to your guidelines, our integrated cloud-based platform grants administrators real-time insights into traveler behavior and spending habits. This makes your travel program smarter and can help you fix problems that emerge instantly.

To find out more about how Spotnana makes it easier for travelers to book and receive service however they prefer, contact us for a demo.

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